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Explore our content management and process automation solutions
Data and AI

Our AI powered analytics help you understand your content landscape and ensures a successful migration.

Cloud Transformation

We can seamlessly update your enterprise content management system to cloud-based services platforms.

Modern Workplace

We can help you to transform into a modern workplace with our suite of optimizing services.

Digital Engineering Services

Scalable digital technology services & digital infrastructure that can transform your business operations.

Managed Services

Achieve a better business future with our support and training, reusable scheduled tasks and outstanding support.

Customer success: by industry

Find out how we help our clients across the globe achieve their content migration goals.
New Forest District Council
Migration from Meridio to SharePoint Online
Proventeq helped us complete the migration in 22 weeks instead of the planned 25. The early completion saved us from having to renew our Meridio package and we are saving about £26,000 per year, which can now be used elsewhere.."
Migration from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint Online
Proventeq’s support with assessment and planning was excellent: we could create tasks and know what we had to run, organize the migration and match the security from the Citrix environment to the SharePoint one.”
Migration from multiple source systems to SharePoint Online
Without Proventeq we could not have migrated such diverse systems so effectively."
Department for Education-UK
Migration from Meridio to SharePoint Online
The excellent collaboration between Proventeq, Technology Directorate, KIM, and MPCD, has meant we successfully delivered a solution that meets the needs of the DfE and will facilitate easier searching of information by colleagues.”
POOL Re Insurance
Migration from OpenText eDocs to SharePoint Online
Proventeq really knew their stuff and nothing was too much to ask."
McAllister Olivarius
Migration from iManage Worksite to SharePoint Online
Working with Proventeq allowed us to figure out all of the different mechanics of how to migrate and restructure our data. This allowed us to have a clean break and start working immediately in the new system."
Royal Ahrend
Migration from IBM Filenet to SharePoint Online
Without Proventeq we would never have been able to convert our highly complex historical data into a modern cloud application."
Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams
Working closely with Proventeq as our specialist technical partner, we were able to migrate from our legacy content management platform into Office 365 with confidence."
Why work with us?
Content Discovery Analysis

I need to better understand my content landscape.

Remove the guesswork

Our Content Analyser helps you understand and organize your useful data and retire redundant content.

Improve findability

Label your content and organize it in a way that makes retrieval simple and intuitive.

Reduce security risks and increase compliance

Control your data through sharing protocols that reduce risk of theft, unauthorized sharing and cyber-attacks.

Gain leadership buy-in

Gain competitive advantage through cost-savings on legacy ECM licences, customer satisfaction and business effectiveness.


I need to consolidate, modernize and automate my legacy systems.

migration accelerator
Boost business performance and productivity

Save thousands of hours wasted when employees switch between legacy systems or searching for content.

Reduce migration costs

Organize and transfer data to a Cloud solution quickly and seamlessly using AI and ML.

Analyze content and migrate accurately

Our AI-powered software lets you analyse content across numerous data sources for a smoother migration.

Enrich and restructure content

Use our taxonomy to apply labels and hierarchies of data, permissions and sharing protocols.

Proventeq digital experience management

I need to improve our users’ digital experience.

Increase customer conversions

Transform customer experience from “fragmented across multiple touch points” to “unified, seamless and simple.”

Enhance brand perception

A smooth digital experience and happier employees, results in happier customers and improved brand reputation.

Increase employee productivity

A single source of truth and easily-retrievable information makes for more effective, less stressed employees.

Improve team collaboration and learning

Bring together communications, knowledge, learning, resources & insights to create a culture of shared knowledge.


What Is the Digital Workplace of 2027 and How Do I Get There?"

This roadmap describes the technology, talent, and process changes that application leaders responsible for the digital workplace must address as they build their five-year strategy. Gartner, 2022. All Rights Reserved.
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Gartner Digital Workplace report

What we do

Learn more about our suite of intelligent migration products
Detailed analytics
AI powered analytics reports

Control and organize the increasing volume of data your business creates every day, and view it all through simple, smart dashboard reports.

Power of AI
Real-time content classification

We deploy AI to classify millions of individual data points daily, delivering ongoing smart management of any content added to your content ecosystem.

Smart content filing
Intelligent migration from any source

Our Migration Accelerator converts historical data into a modern cloud application, in a seamless collaboration where Microsoft 365 dovetails with any legacy ECM.

Process Automation
Intelligent process automation

We can help you to connect both your M365 and external content with Microsoft Syntex, to manage your information and streamline processes with advanced security, compliance, and automated workflows.

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