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Migration from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint Online


Client Profile

Alira Health is an international patient-centric and technology-enabled advisory firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Massachusetts, the company works with healthcare and life sciences organizations looking for support across their entire solutions lifecycle, from development to medical care, through real-world evidence.

Alira Health has enjoyed strong organic growth and a steadily increasing workforce, in 2021 its headcount increased more dramatically when it acquired additional businesses. The different acquisitions resulted in a leap from 200 to 600 employees, but Alira Health also acquired a company using Citrix ShareFile. Alira Health now had several storage ecosystems—ShareFile and its own SharePoint—resulting in “two sources of truth”.

The team’s first attempt to migrate Citrix ShareFile data into its own SharePoint environment failed because of the complexity of ShareFile. The team needed a consulting firm that could gain the trust of internal customers and chose Proventeq to support its second attempt at migrating 100GB of data from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint.

Proventeq provided what Alira Health described as “critically important support around the challenges of loading and reloading data and identifying and resolving errors”, issues which could have presented roadblocks to a successful migration.




Healthcare, Life Sciences


Citrix ShareFile


SharePoint Online

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The Challenges of Migrating from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint Online

Two data ecosystems

The team was tasked with unifying the disparate systems to ensure all staff were working in the same data ecosystem while enjoying efficiency and cost benefits by reducing the number of licences required.

Rapid, hassle-free data migration

100GB of data needed to be migrated from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint Online.

Versioning issues

Proventeq helped Alira Health to locate and overcome versioning issues by using a SQL server, successfully mapping and migrating only the latest version of data.

Complexity of FileShare

Alira Health’s first attempt to migrate Citrix ShareFile data failed because of the complexity of ShareFile. Proventeq then supported the migration and it was a success.

Proventeq's Solution

Enabling a smooth transition for the client to their new environment.
Discovery and analysis

Discovery & analysis

Proventeq’s migration experts worked closely with Alira Health to remove potential risks
before migration by analysing their content using the Power BI report.

Top-level consulting

Alira Health used Proventeq’s SharePoint Migration tool to migrate from Citrix ShareFile
to SharePoint, also choosing to buy eight hours of consultation to ensure the transition went smoothly. 

Top-level consulting
Information architecture organisation

IA organization

Although some content was migrated 1:1, some unorganized content required restructuring to optimize its use and discoverability. Classification and separation of data was efficiently processed to meet the demands of accessibility and navigation within the new SharePoint architecture.

Security & compliance

Proventeq’s technical architects provided a unique level of security throughout the migration. Through integrating metadata of the source and the destination, we were able to migrate content with the same security permissions. 

Security and compliance

The Results

Unifying two sources of truth

By moving their content from Citrix Sharefile to SharePoint Online, Alira Health was able to reduce the number of licenses required by working in one data ecosystem, instead of two.

A truly collaborative culture

Alira Health is able to train all staff remotely, at the same time, in the same shared environment. This improves the employee experience and promotes a collaborative culture in the workplace.

Time & efficiency

The migration was successful and the Alira Health IS&T team could provide internal clients with reliable feedback and security which matched their Citrix folders.

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Proventeq helped Alira Health to seamlessly consolidate their global digital content estate and optimize collaboration on a global scale with SharePoint Online.

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