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Optimize your Salesforce investment and transform your customer experience and maximize ROI
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Take advantage of SaaS by replacing legacy platforms

Organizations that have embarked on a digital journey are revisiting the relevance of legacy systems in the context of digital readiness. Non-cloud applications are considered legacy applications in today's world.
An average company has multiple standalone legacy applications performing several functions and one cannot deny the redundancy. These legacy applications produce tons of data and linking it all together to generate useful business insights for a better experience is a challenge.
To unlock new business growth opportunities and exceptional experiences for both customers and employees, organizations should consider modernizing and investing in their legacy systems.

estimated average return on investing in Salesforce
increase in revenue year over year for organizations that invest heavily in Salesforce

Offering you an endless solution across your entire Salesforce Cloud portfolio

From consolidating all your data and integrations on a single platform to providing a transformative customer experience, Proventeq can help you select the appropriate Salesforce Cloud for your business context and provide end-to-end solutions across the entire Salesforce Cloud portfolio. 

Salesforce consulting

Proventeq experts will articulate your business objectives, understand the nuances of your business, and advise on the Salesforce Cloud that fits your business ambition. Our experts will help you build the business case for your Salesforce implementation.

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Salesforce Cloud implementation

Proventeq is uniquely positioned to provide Salesforce Cloud implementation services to bring your business case to life. Our implementation services include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Platform, Full Force expertise, Industry Clouds, Health Cloud, and CPQ.

Salesforce integration

Our integration services cover a full suite of platform integration expertise, lifecycle API management, enterprise platform integrations, pre-built connectors, and accelerators with MuleSoft.

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SharePoint Integration with Salesforce

Optimize your Salesforce investment and improve your collaboration efficiency with our SharePoint integration

The benefits of integration are endless. Discover what they are in our latest Salesforce and SharePoint integration services brochure. Download a free copy now!
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Salesforce managed services

Our Salesforce managed services provide user training, change requests arising from new business requirements, application maintenance, and consulting expertise to help maximize your Salesforce platform for improved adoption.

We bring expertise across the digital journey and diverse digital technologies to offer a broad base of expertise beyond Salesforce, providing dedicated and ITIL-compliant shared services.

Customer analytics and insights

Proventeq provides valuable customer insights with Einstein Analytics, Tableau. We turn the insights into an actionable business decision that your customer will value.

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Data migration expertise

We provide a fully customizable, end-to-end content migration service which can be tailored to your exact specification. From content discovery and analysis to post-migration support and training; our content migration service enables almost limitless opportunities for your organisation to turn your migration project into an opportunity to increase productivity and IT effectiveness.

SharePoint Integration with Salesforce eBook

Integration between Salesforce and SharePoint can help you streamline your license cost while increasing data storage capacity

Many Salesforce customers are now considering integrating with SharePoint as it transcends the limitations of Salesforce collaboration and document management capabilities through an array of extra features.
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Salesforce Services - why Proventeq ?

As a trusted Salesforce Partner, we offer CX strategy, industry solutions, Salesforce platform integration, Salesforce Cloud implementation, and analytics across the Salesforce ecosystem.
Deep data expertise
Deep data expertise

From content discovery, content analysis to data integration and visualization to insights and analytics, Proventeq offers a broad range of data expertise.

Industry solutions & accelerators
Industry solutions & accelerators

 Over 15 years, we have built industry-specific solutions and accelerators that speed up time to value.

Exceptional delivery excellence
Exceptional delivery excellence

With an excellent customer satisfaction score across the delivery parameters on several global rollouts, Proventeq is known for its delivery excellence.

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