BAE Systems

Migration from Oracle UCM to Oracle WebCenter

Client Profile

BAE Systems is a global defense, aerospace and security company employing around 83,100 people worldwide. Their wide-ranging products and services cover air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services.

Defense & Space
Oracle UCM
Oracle WebCenter

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Case Study Overview

To simplify their web systems, BAE Systems decided to move their public website from an Oracle Portal / Oracle UCM based system to Oracle WebCenter Sites.

The Complexities Of Migrating From Oracle UCM To Oracle WebCenter

Complex page layouts for the live BAE website needed to be mapped from source to target, to ensure these layouts would be available and retain their structure in the new system. Furthermore, as a multi-language site, the hierarchy needed to be recreated in WebCenter sites for multiple countries/languages, to ensure this level of multilingual content delivery could be continued.

Solving BAE Systems’ Unique Challenges

We leveraged the Proventeq Migration Accelerator's link migration component to ensure that internal links within source content were properly transformed to links in WebCenter Sites during content migration.

Custom widgets which were present in the source UCM system were remapped to their Oracle Sites versions, ensuring these could migrated into the new system successfully, further improving the re-use of content from the UCM system.

By utilising the versatility of our Proventeq Migration Accelerator, BAE Systems we able to apply complex rules for metadata mapping and source classification, to ensure all content migrated from the source UCM system was mapped and transferred to the right place, and with the right metadata applied.

Item level audit during migration ensured completeness of migration and ensured data integrity. Users were mapped to the new entities in WebCenter Sites.


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The Results

Significant Reduction in Manual Effort
Significant Reduction in Manual Effort

The automated, rules-based migration of existing content, including automatic resolution of internal links, significantly reduced manual effort and cost.

Reduced Migration Timeframes
Reduced Migration Timeframes

By loading thousands of items per hour into the new CMS environment, we reduced migration timeframes to help achieve project milestones.

Minimal Downtime
Minimal Downtime

Built-in Delta handling ensured that content changes during migration were identified and migrated, enabling minimal downtime of BAE System’s live site.