Migration Accelerator

Make your migration simple with Proventeq's Migration Accelerator
Migration Accelerator

Make Your Content Migration an Opportunity

The demands of modern business mean you need to think strategically about your organisation's content. Implementing a cloud-based Content Services Platform would optimise how your business utilises its information. However, the challenges of content migration to a new platform can be complex, costly and cause detrimental business downtime.

Make your migration simple with Proventeq's Migration Accelerator. Our content migration tool not only smoothly migrates your business content from your existing enterprise content management platform, but allows you to gain the maximum value from your information by ensuring its new home is truly optimised for productivity, collaborative working and business growth.

Supported Target Systems

Benefit Throughout Every Stage of Your Migration

Migration Accelerator maximises the potential of your content and information management infrastructure throughout each stage of your migration project, and is the perfect migration tool for high-volume, complex content migration projects where integrity, continuity and enrichment are a priority.

Before You Migrate

Before You Migrate

Gain Actionable Insights

Identify critical content and scale your new content architecture accurately with advanced discovery, analysis and reporting functions.

Negate Risks

Stay on schedule and within budget with intelligent pre-migration checks to pre-emptively identify potential risks to your project.

During Your Migration

Enrich & Restructure Your Content

Give your content the context you need with enrichment via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Maintain Business Continuity

Minimise departmental downtime thanks to high-speed, incremental migration and reusable scheduled tasks.

Transform How You Work With Content

Enable your workforce to work with all content types, even handwritten documents, thanks to advanced OCR and format conversion.

Intelligently Classify Your Documents

Use machine learning to intelligently classify the ever-increasing volume of unstructured information created by your business every day.

Seamlessly Enforce Compliance

Migration Accelerator's customisable rules give you the power to ensure compliance with your internal and industry's standards.

Achieve High Performance & Scalability

Accelerate your move to a better business future by migrating millions of items a day using our scalable, high-throughput engine

During Your Migration
After You Migrate

After You Migrate

Integrate Your Content Portfolio

Want to keep an existing system live after migration? Consolidate content from multiple source systems and repositories easily and quickly.

Improved User Productivity

Exploit the potential of your content through optimised IA and searchability and turn your information into your most powerful business asset.