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As a Liferay Partner, Proventeq is ideally positioned to collaborate with you on digital experiences and enhancements. Whether your requirement is for a company website, an online portal with customized experiences via Liferay's Audience Targeting component, or a centralized document library with user engagement, we can bring our expertise and extensive knowledge of the Liferay platform to help exceed your expectations.

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Liferay, one platform. Endless solutions.

With Proventeq, deliver a tailored solution for your challenges on a flexible, integrated digital experience platform.
Custom workflows

We can design simple or complex workflows for your business users or teams to ensure content is published with the correct approval processes.

User management

With custom user groups for both editors and portal visitors, we can help organise your project teams for better collaboration. Site visitors can be delivered specific experiences tailored to their access permissions.


Protect your content with versioning, allowing you to roll back changes if required, or review historic edits. Set items to publish on a schedule or apply automatic review dates so that content is refreshed when required.

Audience targeting

Deliver custom experiences to your visitors, in real time based on their location, user group, browsing and searching activities and personal preferences.


With Liferay's robust language solutions, we can work with you to support regional and multilingual content. Setup workflows with language translation services to ensure your content has a global reach.

Dynamic publishing

Create per user or per group content feeds organized by content type, and take advantage of Liferays notifications functionality to deliver real time or scheduled messages to your sites users and visitors.

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Create portal solutions for partners and suppliers

Liferay allows you to empower partners and suppliers to meet the demands of large partner and user networks. Manage users through SSO, permissions, groups and profiles, and deliver across the globe in multiple languages. Deliver supplier portals connected to any system or resource you require.

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Build personalized public-facing web experiences

Ensure you take control of your brand with consistent messaging, timely updates and the flexibility to configure, customize and extend the platform for your organisation's goals.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Bring legacy platforms and databases into a unified system, and bridge the gap between legacy systems and the future with robust interconnectivity.

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Customized, personalized employee communications

Save time and create efficiency with a company intranet that pulls together the many components that make up your business so that employees can share knowledge and communicate together.

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