Case management & workflow modernization

Increase performance by modernizing your workflows and content centric business processes with SharePoint Online & Power Platform

Migrate from Legacy Workflows to Power Platform in SharePoint to reduce costs and simplify licensing

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Update and streamline your case management processes

In today's fast-paced digital world, organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their workflows and processes to stay competitive.
One area that is often overlooked but can have a significant impact on an organization's efficiency is case management.
Modernizing case management workflows can lead to better outcomes for clients, increased productivity for staff, and improved overall performance for the organization.

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Turn Legacy Workflow challenges into opportunities

If your business invested in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online primarily as an enterprise content management platform, you now have the opportunity to consolidate your content centric processes from legacy workflows, expensive add-ins or third-party tooling with Power Platform. Power Automate creates digital workflows between your favorite apps and services to enable notifications, collect data, automate business policies and more.
Enable digital work

by updating legacy ECM platforms

Legacy enterprise content management platforms such as IBM FileNet, iManage, and Documentum, require specialist skills to maintain if they are to continue to meet modern agile business requirements.

Increase compliance

by upgrading Legacy SharePoint Workflows

Microsoft stopped supporting SharePoint 2010 workflows in 2020, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks or human error. To stay secure you need to modernize your technology stack.

Rationalize your investment

by modernizing third-party tooling

Third-party SharePoint add-ons like Nintex and K2 are costly to maintain. Simplify and consolidate your IT systems and reduce operational costs by leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft 365.

Legacy Workflow Migration-as-a-Service


Let us help you migrate your content-centric business processes easily and securely with our four-stage managed service. 


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Modern Digital Workflow benefits

Streamline everyday tasks

Cut through the deluge of daily emails and set up a template to only notify you when a high priority message drops in your inbox.

Improve productivity

Automate repetitive tasks that eat up valuable time, allowing you and your team to work smarter. Helping to improve overall business performance.

Reduce human error

Quite simply, digital workflows reduces the risk of human error, increasing yours and your clients confidence in a job done well.

Increase employee satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction

Automate tasks across business systems

Power Automate connects and automates tasks across hundreds of apps, both within the Microsoft eco-system and external sources.

Cut down on management admin

Automating processes, such as approval workflows to respond to time off requests, document approvals, sales opportunities, etc, you can save decision making time.

Go digital - becoming a paperless workplace
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Cut the paper clutter and reduce your carbon footprint by embracing a Digital Workplace

How to truly embrace a Digital Workplace and bolster your green credentials by ditching the paper.
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