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TOYO is a Japanese engineering, procurement and construction company that offers outstanding project management, integrated and cutting-edge technologies, optimum alliance-building and advanced global networking services.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Oracle UCM
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Case study overview

TOYO has an enormous fund of knowledge stored in historical documentation that its many teams refer to when building new plants. Some of these resources were paper-based, scanned and kept in file storage; others were kept in Letter Management System (HTML, MSG and PDF files) and a significant proportion was stored in a bespoke, in-house document management system designed about a decade ago, called Shoka (Japanese for “library”) - built on Oracle UCM.

TOYO chose Proventeq because of our track record in digital transformation and intelligent content management solutions. More than 50 TB of items was migrated with our high throughput migration solution. Proventeq helped TOYO meet its migration targets and provided high-touch support throughout the migration.

The challenges

  • A complex document management system. With over 50 projects depending on Shoka, TOYO needed much greater document management, hence switch to a commercial system and close Shoka.
  • Secured any legacy documentation that might need to be retrieved. All Shoka data was stored on multiple stores, uncommon folder structure and discrete file formats.
  • Document sprawl - Demystified the document sprawl and retain an archive that could be accessed when needed. Only the most recent version of documents was required.
  • Solving TOYO's unique challenges

    By working together, we decided to use Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO) to consolidate our client's knowledge. The challenge was to transfer all archived data from Shoka to SPO, including physical files and attribution data. We needed to drill into the attribute data and filter documents, with the entire process transferring into SharePoint.

    The team designed a version of the site and transferred the physical file and attributes. This was not only from Shoka 2; they also needed to migrate data stored on the hard disc and Lotus Notes, Maz and more.

    Proventeq restructured TOYO’s storage system into an upgraded Shoka (Shoka 2.0) to safeguard any legacy documentation.

    Shoka data was stored on hard disc and retained. This included not only files but also metadata and attributes that might need to be retrieved.

    With Proventeq’s SharePoint expertise and ability to analyze many levels of a record centre, select only the required data and filter out the rest, documenting and logging the entire migration process.

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    Results -TOYO

    The Results

    Custom designed migration
    Custom designed migration

    Proventeq developed a special custom connection that could read and move TOYO’s data from the hard disk to SPO, due to the complexity of the structure of Shoka. TOYO will continue to use our file-to-SPO migrator-connector in the future. 

    High throughput migration
    High throughput migration

    More than 50 terabytes of items were migrated throughout the project. Multiple instances of Migration Accelerator were running in parallel to facilitate this outcome.

    Preserving business continuity
    Preserving business continuity

    Shoka was due to close in May 2022 and TOYO had a challenging deadline to complete and log user acceptance testing, carry out discovery reports and analysis. The migration timeline was adjusted to cause minimum impact to business continuity.

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