Content Discovery Service

Remove potential risks to your data with Proventeq's Content Analyser
Content Discovery Service
Quintillion Bytes Of Data
quintillion bytes of data being generated every day
Number Of Daily Exabytes
the number of daily exabytes expected to be produced per day in 2025

The long-term trends driving information chaos – increasing volumes and varieties of information – continue to accelerate.

To keep on top of your data, you need a set of best practices or procedures to remove any obsolete files and trivial information that doesn't have to be retained for regulations or record-keeping requirements. This will keep your storage and maintenance costs lower whilst keeping all of your data secure and decreasing the risk of any breaches. But to find redundant, obsolete, and trivial content (ROT), you need to perform discovery and analysis of your content landscape.
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Reduce security risk and stay compliant with our Content Analyser tool.

Remove the guesswork from document management, gain clear actionable insight from your content, and stay compliant with our complete Content Discovery Service.
Underpinned by our industry-leading Content Analyser tool, our Content Discovery Service will help you gain a deeper understanding of your business-critical content.
Discover the content that exists within your source system through an in-depth discovery and analysis of numerous data sources. Securely audit and organize your unstructured data whilst removing ROT - stay safe, secure, and compliant.

Just some of the benefits of our Content Discovery Service are:

Enhanced security

We will help you to analyze your data, identify trends, and make strategic choices based on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your business domain.

Optimize data storage efficiency

Archiving obsolete data frees up storage space and optimizes your data storage infrastructure which reduces storage costs and improves system performance.

Streamline data retrieval

With a streamlined dataset, you can search, access, and analyze data more quickly and efficiently, saving time and improving efficiency. 

Mitigate risk

We'll help you to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with your content, such as data privacy, compliance, and regulation. 

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Content discovery benefits

Unleash the power and productivity locked in your content landscape

Reduce security risk

Remove Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data to improve content architecture and prevent data breaches.

Increase your ROI

Stop paying to store irrelevant data and remove it before migration, to reduce storage costs and management time.

Simplify & optimize

Uncover the hidden value within your data to enhance business decision making and streamline your content migration.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By regularly reviewing and purging unnecessary data, you can reduce the overall data storage requirements, leading to potential energy and carbon emission savings.

Proventeq's Content Analyser provides in depth Power BI reports of your data.

Make analysing and classifying your content faster and easier

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Discovery and analysis of your data may reveal the need for a new content services platform.

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout every stage of your migration to help you make the move to a suitable content services platform.

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Improve the performance of your business, increase the effectiveness of your IT and boost productivity with a fully customizable, end-to-end content migration service which can be tailored to your exact specification.

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