Many organisations pay more than they need to store years and years' worth of ROT data.By auditing and organising unstructured data, you can remove your redundant, obsolete and trivial data. So how can you do this? With our team of experts at Proventeq.

We can help by adding relevant metadata, keywords and descriptions to improve content searchability and by using artificial intelligence for auto classifications.

 Using ROT analysis, we can then understand and eliminate unnecessary content.By doing this, you will have your valuable data free to be moved to the right places with the correct classifications, which increases the value of your data estate and improves your business security resilience.

To keep on top of your ROT data, you can have a set of best practices or procedures to remove any obsolete files and trivial data content that doesn't have to be retained for regulations or record-keeping requirements. This will keep your storage and maintenance costs lower whilst keeping all of your data secure and decreasing the risk of any breaches.

At Proventeq, we can help you analyse all of your content to know what you have, what you need, and how much ROT data you may have accumulated over time. With our content analyser and content classifile, we can assure that all your necessary and valuable content is organised, classified and ready to migrate over to your new platform, without having any ROT data weighing it down and following you to your new system.

To learn more about our processes, you can request a call from our team of experts or request a demo to see how effectively your content can be organised and ready for a seamless migration.

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