Improve collaboration, enhance learning & increase employee satisfaction

By unlocking Microsoft Viva as part of Teams

The way we work has changed, which creates new challenges

EX Viva Insights  70%
of employees report higher stress levels, with 40% experiencing decreased mental health
EX Viva Topics  7 weeks
People spend an hour a day searching for or recreating information, which is
EX Viva Connections  60%
of people say they feel less connected to their team after the move to remote working.

Enhance your employee experience and improve workforce wellbeing by empowering your teams with actionable insights, collaborative learning environments and intuitive collaboration tools. Now available within Microsoft Teams using new Microsoft Viva.

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What’s your workplace goal?

Whether you are looking to improve business decision making or increase employee engagement, Microsoft Viva can help.
Improve employee wellbeing

Beat burnout, reduce employee attrition rate and improve employee welfare whilst also increasing your team’s productivity.

Increase knowledge sharing

Retrieve relevant information from across your business, quicker, more efficiently and securely by turning data into actionable insight.

Unite your remote teams

With both people and information now found in multiple locations, knowledge retrieval is increasingly challenging.

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Discover the Teams x Viva solution for your business and receive a bespoke employee experience (EX) plan

Employee Experience (EX) enablement services

Powered by Microsoft Viva. Accessed through Teams. Enabled by Proventeq.
Microsoft Viva Inisights

Balance wellbeing & productivity

with Microsoft Viva Insights

Remove the guesswork from team management with real-time reporting that allows you to make data-driven decisions that improve productivity and employee happiness.

Strike the right balance between productivity and wellbeing with privacy protected insights and recommendations to build a holistic picture of how different departments work and interact.

Share business knowledge

with Microsoft Viva Topics

Reduce information silos and enhance and share knowledge across your business. Mine knowledge from across your business network. Viva Topics uses AI to extract knowledge and expertise from your Microsoft collaboration ecosystem, including Teams, SharePoint and Outlook which it presents in unique Topic cards.

Microsoft Viva Topics
Microsoft Viva Connections

Connected Teams

with Microsoft Viva Connections

Connect and integrate your disparate workloads into a unified experience with Viva Connections by seamlessly delivering your intranet in Teams.

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