In this, our second blog, we will cover how Proventeq can help you transition to Teams and why your business should consider doing so.

Teams is Part of the “New Normal”

In the world of the “new normal” Microsoft Teams has taken the world by storm. It is estimated that the platform now has over 75 million daily active users and that number is growing by the day.  To survive the global COVID-19 pandemic businesses have been forced to make changes that allow their employees to work from home and Teams has been a huge enabler of this.  

To get the most out of Teams, organizations need to be on Microsoft 365, and that is where Proventeq can come in. We can help to make the move to Teams easier and provide your organization and employees with a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams.

The Evolution of Microsoft Teams

Around the world, with so many impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, the way we work has been affected along with how we socialize and how we interact with our families.  Tens of thousands of employees worldwide suddenly had to work at home remotely.

Teams facilitated this transition, for example, a Professor at the University of Bologna in Italy shared on Twitter how the school moved 90% of it is curriculum to Teams within four days. Doctors at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania used teams for videoconferencing with patients (and this was replicated in other healthcare settings all over the world) as a way of protecting them against contracting COVID-19. Also, the city of Osaka in Japan began to use Teams to conduct onboarding and training for hundreds of new incoming employees.

Scenes like this played out in countries all over the world. Teams saw an unprecedented spike in usage, and it is not surprising as to why. Thousands of organizations, small and large, have discovered how teams can be their hub for teamwork, helping them to stay connected and engaged.

The sudden globe-spanning move to work from home remotely has been a turning point in how we work and learn. Solutions that enable remote working such as chat, video calls and file collaboration have become crucial to the way we now work.  Microsoft has reported an unprecedented spike in Teams usage, and now have more than 75 million daily users, a figure that has grown by 12 million in just the last few months. Those users have generated over 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams, and this number is still growing.

Who is Using Teams Around the World?

Many industry leading organisations are rolling Teams out across their enterprise. Some large organisations have over 100,000 of their employees using Teams, including the likes of Ernst & Young, SAP, Pfizer, and Continental AG, as well as Accenture, which has 440,000 employees actively using Teams. While your organisation may not be using it on quite the same scale, you can enjoy all the same features and benefits of Teams.

The Proventeq Difference: How we can Successfully Implement Teams in your Organisation

At Proventeq we work with you to understand how Teams can help your organisation be more productive and work with you to implement it quickly and easily.  Our 3 step Teams solution service includes:

1. Readiness: Get ready for change

  • Organisation readiness
  • Understanding your Personas (macro/micro)
  • Security Assessment & Setup for External Collaboration

2. Onboarding: a new way of working

  • A day in the Life of a Teams User
  • Extending SharePoint with Microsoft Teams
  • Collaboration with Teams (Internal & External)
  • Organisational usage
  • Awareness programs

3. Customer Success: DrivieAdoption

  • Champions Program
  • Engage & Train
  • Measuring Success - Analytics & Productivity Score
  • From Skype to Teams – managing the change

    In addition to the above, Skype for Business to Teams Migration both from a technology perspective, and more importantly managing the change and driving user adoption.

Moving Forward

Proventeq breaks down silos by providing a highly effective experience for utilising and leveraging information that is stored in any system or repository. These systems include ECM, ERP, CRM, file-sharing services, network folders, SharePoint, and other repositories.

Customers trust Proventeq’s enterprise-grade product platform which delivers relevant answers, insights, and text analytics right from your stored from your structured and unstructured data. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisation uncover key insights from your dark data.

To talk to us about our thoughts on Microsoft Teams and how we can help your organisation transition to remote working, or migrate from legacy collaboration platforms, contact us today to discuss the “Art of the Possible’ with Microsoft Teams.

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