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Content Integrator

What is Content Integration?

Proventeq Content Integrator enables content integration and synchronisation of a host of content types such as documents, files and digital assets from a wide range of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms to your Cloud-based Content Services Platform (CSP).

Content Integrator empowers truly cohesive digital asset management within your document management or content services environment; centralising business-critical content and putting it at the fingertips of your organisation.

Why use Content Integration?

  • Migrate your system incrementally
  • Publish documents to internal collaboration or client portals 
  • Implement your document integration for specific business applications
  • Publish your documents to internal portals for wider consumption (read-only)
  • Enable effective communication, improved, collaboration and change management
  • Publish documents from multiple legacy systems to the new content services platform during migration
  • Reduce business continuity issues