Migration Accelerator allows you to meet the challenges of iManage content migration head on. Our migration tool not only migrates iManage content but allows you to enrich, restructure and classify content prior to and during the migration process. Migration Accelerator seamlessly migrates iManage content while maintaining metadata, custom properties and custom views.

Your content migration from iManage doesn’t need to be complicated. Migration Accelerator provides a fast and reliable content migration solution capable of handling even the most complex iManage content migration projects with ease.

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Benefits of Proventeq's Migration Accelerator tool

Automated link resolution

Automatically update links inside documents to keep them active post-migration.

Retain and enrich content metadata

Set the level of metadata value you want to transfer from your source system to your new target system.

Intelligently classify documents

Our AI engine uses machine learning to intelligently recognise and automatically classify your business documents and data.

Full audit trail

Maintain a full document level audit trail post-migration.

Advanced format conversion

Transform how you work with content thanks to advanced OCR, image to PDF and other document format conversion.

High performance scalability

Migrate millions of items a day using our scalable, high-throughput engine.

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In the spotlight: Air Lease

Proventeq was great. Everything went smoothly; they were very responsive to any additional questions or requests that we had. The overall migration was a very good experience."
- Pinella Shapiro, Assistant Vice President, Business Systems, Air Lease
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Launched in 2010, Air Lease Corporation (ALC) is an aircraft leasing company based in Los Angeles, California that has airline customers throughout the world.

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