Support your business goals by unlocking value from your unstructured data

Reduce operation cost by minimizing manual data processing work
Intelligent Document Processing

Analytical Insight from Start to Finish

Exponential Unstructured Data Growth

In a quarter of business operation scenarios, documents are still used, across most industries.
What’s problematic for businesses is processing semi-structured and unstructured documents with speed and precision. Unstructured documents comprise data that may not be easy to find, such as email, audio, video and social media post formats.

Research suggests that unstructured data makes up over 80% of enterprise data and is growing at the rate of over 55% per year. By industry estimates, for a Fortune 1000 company a nominal 10% increase in data accessibility can net an additional $65 million in the company’s net income.

Many organizations are sitting on data repositories that could actually prove to be revenue goldmines for them.

The Consequences of Ignoring Unstructured Data

Swamped with perpetual business challenges coupled with the risk of costly compliance issues, many leaders have little time to imagine the transformative efficiencies that Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can bring about.

However, if unstructured data is ignored, organizations aren’t using everything that’s available to them to be accelerate business growth further.

Without the right technology and business processes, extracting valuable and actionable insights from unstructured data can be been difficult because it involves complex and time-consuming data analytical processes.

The Accuracy Needed for Success

Gain New Insights to Inform Key Business Decisions

Gain fresh, actionable insights and use these to make important business decisions to help your organization prosper in highly competitive environments. 

Reduce Response Time to Resolve Issues

If businesses could take full advantage of the value this information holds as and when they need it, they would be able to resolve and even prevent issues more efficiently across the whole enterprise.

Understand Documents Better to Drive Productivity and Innovation

The ideal Intelligent Document Processing suite will comprise a powerful synergy of Intelligent Automation (IA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

This can help your organization understand documents proficiently, giving more time for enhanced productivity and innovation.

Streamline Operational Costs, Time and Resources

When investing in the deployment of several standalone applications that are meant to execute certain functions, these usually require manual supervision to ensure that the functions are carried out correctly.

The ideal Intelligent Document Processing suite will effectively manage unstructured data requiring minimal manual effort. Resources can instead be allocated to dealing with other complicated or exceptional business matters.

Create a Sharp Edge Over Your Competition

Your organization can join the cohort of forward-thinking brands that are accelerating their business growth as a direct consequence of deploying the right Intelligent Document Processing suite that would manage your existing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

It will derive smarter insights that can help give your organization a sharper edge over your competitors.