Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Capture, extract, classify, and transform information from your business-critical documents more accurately without manual intervention, saving you time and money

One of the the challenges for data driven companies is the volume, velocity and variety of data from multiple sources.

Business operations involving documents
of business operations involves the use of documents of which most are unstructured
Unstructured data growth
estimated growth of all unstructured data within organizations per year
Unstructured business data takes a lot of effort to manually process and analyze. Moreover, businesses struggle with poorly managed analytics systems, which often run on disconnected platforms from multiple vendors and it's a pain to make them work together. Hence, these extensive data sets and platforms can incur detrimental outcomes.
Time-consuming documents processing

Human errors linked to manual data extraction

Poor data-driven decision-making.

Consequences of ignoring unstructured data

If unstructured data is ignored, you could miss valuable business insight and potential revenue streams, and bear additional operational costs. This is where the role of Intelligent Document Processing becomes pivotal.
Intelligent Document Processing

Introducing Intelligent Document Processing

Streamline the processing of your documents and unstructured data, enhance productivity, and improve data accuracy. Extract valuable information and insights from various types of documents and transform them for further processing.

How does Intelligent Document Processing work?

Intelligent Document Processing represents a workflow automation system that scans, extracts and classifies valuable content from extensive data streams into easily accessible formats. By employing advanced AI technologies like computer vision, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine/deep learning, the solution can analyze, transform, and export data for subsequent processing and seamless integration with external systems. This versatile solution has the capability to handle a diverse range of document types, including physical papers, PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and numerous other file formats.


Key aspects of Intelligent Document Processing

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your data by analyzing information extracted from documents. This can help in making data-driven decisions.


Connect with other business systems, such as your ERP and CRM software, to ensure seamless data flow.


Scale to handle large volumes of documents, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Document search and retrieval

Efficiently search and retrieve of documents by indexing the extracted data. This is particularly useful for compliance, audits, and quick access to information.

Workflow automation

Automate document-centric workflows, initiate approvals for business flows, and route documents to the right department for processing.

Data validation and extraction

Verify extracted data for accuracy, reducing errors that can occur during manual data entry, making it highly versatile.

Industry use cases

Intelligent Document Processing offers several valuable use cases across major industries application and processes including:

Extracts relevant information from bank statements, pay stubs, financial documents, and tax returns to assess creditworthiness and eligibility, and enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


Processing patient onboarding, changing requests, and health records management, medical claims, invoices, and reducing the risk of medical errors.


Automated processing of incident reports, criminal records, and evidence management. Digitizing and managing historical and current public records and enhancing compliance.


Processing claims, detecting fraud, triaging insurance policies, and assisting underwriters in assessing risk by extracting relevant information from policy applications.


Streamlining the management of supply chain documents and shipping receipts. It ensures accurate and efficient inventory management and order fulfillment.


Extracting and managing data from vendor contracts, including terms, pricing, and compliance requirements. Managing customer data, including customer profiles and purchase history, 


Assist in ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory. Automated extraction of key terms and clauses from legal contracts, contract review, and compliance monitoring.

IT & Telecom

Streamlines the processing of service orders, including service requests, maintenance reports, managing network-related documents, work orders, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Microsoft solutions for Intelligent Document Processing

Microsoft offers a range of AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing solutions tailored to meet diverse business requirements. For instance, Syntex empowers you to analyze, categorize, extract, and repurpose content from documents stored within Microsoft 365. With AI Builder and Power Automate, you can effortlessly create a document processing workflow without the need for coding. Proventeq can help you take it a step further by extracting content, establishing a validation process for the extracted data, and seamlessly exporting it to your preferred data storage system.

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A perfect solution to help you meet your business goals

Extract valuable and actionable insights from your unstructured data and generate value for your business with Proventeq. Here are a few of the key advantages to automating your document processing:
Insights to drive productivity and innovation

Understand documents proficiently, giving more time for enhanced productivity and innovation. Gain fresh, actionable insights to make important decisions to help your organization prosper in highly competitive environments.

Reduce operational costs, time and resources

Effectively manage unstructured data with minimal manual effort. Also, by taking full advantage of the valuable information held within documents, businesses can resolve and even prevent issues more efficiently.

Gain a competitive edge in business

Deploying the right solution that would manage your existing structured and unstructured data. Derive smarter insights that can help give your organization a sharper edge over your competitors.

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