Managed Services

Seamlessly update your enterprise content management system to a modern, cloud-based solution with our suite of managed services.
Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support experts are equipped with hands-on experience with the most up-to-date product release of supported products.

 Meet your transformative digital business demands
Digital Engineering Squad as a Service

Achieve more by streamlining your digital engineering design and development process, with our expert services.

Power Platform Services.
Power Platform as a Service

Streamline repetitive tasks and business processes so that you can focus more on strategic tasks.

Syntex as a Service
SharePoint Premium (Syntex) as a Service

Enhance your content management capabilities with Microsoft Syntex - integrate into your LoB applications and automate your critical business processes

Migration as a Service

Improve the performance of your business, increase the effectiveness of your IT and boost productivity with our content migration service.

Everything as a Service

Before you jump too far in to your cloud journey you need to build a robust business case and clear strategy for digital transformation success. We can help you create a clear cloud migration strategy

Knowledge Management as a Service

Empower your teams with the knowledge and expertize they need in the apps they use every day.

Turn your support contract into a value creator

With our Everythingas-a-Service (EaaS) model, you get 4-tier premium support for your Proventeq products, and on-demand access to our catalog services in Process Automation, Data & Insights, and Digital Experience. 

Turn your support contract into a value creator
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Insightful resources to help you stay at the cutting edge of modern business content services.
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On-demand, modular, scalable and consumption-based access to catalog services.