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Our Microsoft Syntex services harness the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence, without business disruption
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Introducing Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is Microsoft’s AI based knowledge management platform. It’s been developed to infuse intelligent capability into everyday office applications and empower you with information and expertise by proactively pushing relevant content directly to you when you need it.

By connecting both your Microsoft 365 and external content, it enables you to manage your information and streamline processes with advanced security, compliance, and automated workflows.

Microsoft Syntex Content Services include:


Create no-code AI models to extract meaning from content and automatically apply metadata for knowledge discovery.


Automate, capture, digest, and categorize content and streamline content-centric processes using Power Automate.


Control and manage content to improve security and compliance with integration to Microsoft Information Protection.

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Content AI

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Our Microsoft Syntex services

Adopting the latest workplace productivity technology is vital to ensure your business continues to keep pace in the modern world. But easier said than done when you're juggling business-as-usual activities.

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider for Modern Work and a Microsoft Content AI Partner Program Charter Member, we have created three Syntex Service offerings to help organizations like yours effectively adopt Microsoft Syntex as part of your M365 Enterprise Plan.

Proventeq SharePoint Services & Solutions

Microsoft Syntex readiness

  • Insights and rich discovery reporting about your estate whether already on M365 or on an external ECM/DMS
  • Configuration of search connectors and setup of Knowledge & Content Centre Architecture
  • Connectivity to external data sources

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Content organization

  • Developing and applying a corporate taxonomy to your content, optimising your knowledge graphs
  • Automatic classification and routing of content using Proventeq's Content Productivity Suite which includes Content Analyser and Content ClassiFile

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Proventeq SharePoint Services & Solutions
Enable enterprise-wide adoption of SharePoint

Governance review & set-up

  • Request management to support creation and archival of knowledge assets with approval workflows
  • Simplified permissions management

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Content understanding from scanned documents

Content understanding lets you use AI to identify and extract the information from scanned or uploaded images and documents. Particularly useful for financial documents such as accounts payable, invoice automation and contracts.

Extract and tag key information

Identify important information and extract it as metadata. For example, with files that have a consistent structure such as invoices, you can create rules that automatically extract and tag key information like invoice date and total.

Discover information in unstructured content

SharePoint Syntex machine teaching capabilities allow you to teach the AI to recognize information in unstructured content like training materials or proposals, which often have a mix of information and formatting.

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