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Is your organization able to tackle its data growth?

As you grow as a business, one of the foremost pressing challenges is how to handle data growth. The quantity of knowledge produced each year by a typical business is increasing rapidly. As these data sets grow exponentially with time, it gets challenging to handle. With so much data available, how do you ensure you're turning your content into knowledge, achieving compliance, and enhancing productivity in your organization?
documents a day added to Microsoft 365
1.4 trillion
files in Microsoft 365 (5.1 EB)
200 petabytes of data is expected to grow each month for content in Microsoft 365 applications
monthly growth for Microsoft 365 content
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Extensive content volumes and manual tasks can result in decreased productivity, missed sales opportunities, and increased overall operational expenses. To overcome these challenges, you require a fresh content management capabilities. Leveraging Microsoft Syntex - SharePoint Advanced Management seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft 365, makes it easy to adopt, implement into your existing infrastructure, and organize substantial content volumes within your organization's workflow.

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Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management

SharePoint Advanced Management (Microsoft Syntex) uses AI to enhance, organize, and manage your business-critical content through its lifecycle - integrated into Microsoft 365, Teams, and workflows. It’s been developed to infuse intelligent capability into everyday office applications and empower you with information and expertise by proactively pushing relevant content directly to you when you need it. With Syntex's AI-powered security and compliance, backup/restore are some of its advanced content management features to mitigate any unexpected challenges. Rest easy knowing your content is secure.

What are the features and capabilities?

Explore the functionalities and benefits of SharePoint Advanced Management, tailored to meet your specific needs.
Integration with Line of Business applications

Seamlessly integrate into your organization's processes (M365, Teams, and workflows) Intelligently classify, process, and streamline document management systems from the digitization of records, and automatic tagging, to implementation of automated approval processes, taxonomy tagging, advance search, classification, and eSignature.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

SharePoint Advanced Management can quickly help to identify the content of an image and create metadata tags to describe the image, this is useful for industries that need to categorize and manage large volumes of visual content. Additionally, SharePoint Advanced Management can "read" handwritten text and convert this into digital text for use. 

Secure content collaboration

SharePoint Advanced Management gives advance access policies including; data access governance insights, restricted access control policy, and conditional access policy for both SharePoint Sites and OneDrives. Microsoft Purview brings together compliance and data governance solutions to protect your information and meet industry regulations.

Automate metadata and tagging

By configuring SharePoint Advanced Management's no-code AI models, you can automate metadata extraction and application of retention/sensitivity models for securing content without relying on manual intervention. Not only does this improve search accuracy, but it also manages your compliance risk.

Advanced taxonomy services

Taxonomy means your data is consistently managed and categorized across your Microsoft 365 estate. SharePoint Advanced Management includes capabilities that let you watch and analyze term creation and usage throughout Microsoft 365. You can also create reports that show the usage and allow you to send a copy to the SharePoint admin center.

Document understanding capabilities

SharePoint Advanced Management's Content AI capabilities define particular keywords inside a structured document and extract insights from documents, such as key entities, sentiment analysis, and key phrases. This enables users to quickly understand the content and context of documents without having to read them manually.

Content AI solutions integrated into the flow of your business

SharePoint Advanced Management (Microsoft Syntex) understands and assembles content with AI-powered processing, summarization, and annotations integrated into Microsoft 365​, discovers and reuses content advance search, eSignature, and connects content to your critical business application. You can also protect your information, manage, backup, and restore your content while managing storage costs and complying with long-time archive needs​. How else can you use Content AI capabilities in SharePoint Advanced Management?

Manage incoming documentation and data

SharePoint Advanced Management leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the capture, classification, and extraction of data from various types of business documentation throughout its lifecycle. This will help to reduce manual effort and minimize the risk of errors and delays. 

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Invoice and order management

Streamline your invoice and order management system with SharePoint Advanced Management, from digitization of records, and automatic tagging, to implementing automated approval processes. Identify important information and extract it as metadata. For example, with files with a consistent structure such as invoices, you can create rules that automatically extract and tag key information like invoice date and total.

Document signage requests

An electronic signature authentication can be used to verify the identity of the person signing a document. Leveraging the power of SharePoint Advanced Management (Microsoft Syntex) integrated into your content platform allows you to send eSignature requests and the document stays in Microsoft 365 while it’s being reviewed and signed. Electronic signatures accelerate turnaround times, enable seamless user experiences, and reduce costs. 

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Accelerate knowledge capture and discovery

SharePoint Advanced Management can be used for document understanding, and it can pull out particular keywords inside a structured document and leverage AI to recognize the type of information it is, and then extract or classify it. With quicker retrieval of documents, you'll be able to speed up information retrieval. This extends to retrieving data for backup and archiving - you'll be able to locate and then back up/restore your content accordingly. 

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Adoption of SharePoint Advanced Management

From assessing your organization's unique needs and challenges to deploying a customized adoption plan and solution including ongoing training and support, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the adoption process.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and a Preferred Content AI Partner, we have created three Service offerings to help organizations like yours effectively adopt SharePoint Premium as part of your M365 Enterprise Plan.

Proventeq SharePoint Services & Solutions

Discover and strategize

  • We can provide insights and rich discovery reporting about your estate and then advise and formulate a document management strategy for your business
  • We'll help you to define your metadata strategy and approach and the role that SharePoint Advanced Management can play in it
  • Connectivity to external data sources
  • Configuration of search connectors and setup of Knowledge & Content Centre Architecture

Assess your current state

Classify and organize

  • Developing and applying a corporate taxonomy to your content, optimizing your knowledge graphs
  • Automatic classification and routing of content using Proventeq's Content Productivity Suite which includes Content Analyser and Content ClassiFile
  • Build and architect an enterprise search to improve findability
  • Build a custom solution based upon your unique business requirements and process automation objectives

Classify and optimize

Proventeq SharePoint Services & Solutions
Enable enterprise-wide adoption of SharePoint Advanced Management

Governance review & set-up

  • Simplified permissions management
  • Request management to support creation and archival of knowledge assets with approval workflows
  • Implementation, covering the set-up, integration with line-of-business applications, to training the AI within SharePoint Advanced Management
  • Training and support on everything relating to SharePoint Advanced Management, for both IT and non-IT professionals in your organization

Review and implement

The benefits you can expect when SharePoint Advanced Management (Microsoft Syntex) is implemented:

Streamline everyday tasks and increase efficiency

Speed up the process of manual and repetitive tasks with SharePoint Advanced Management, which can automatically tag, label, and organize content.

Improve productivity

Automate repetitive tasks that eat up valuable time, allowing you and your team to work smarter. This helps to improve overall business performance.

Reduce human error

Automated workflows reduce the risk of human error, increasing your and your client's confidence in a job well done. Work smarter, not harder!

Enforce security and compliance

Enforce security and compliance with automatically applied sensitivity and retention labels (integrated with Microsoft Information Protection).

Simplify search and collaboration

Make better use of your time with precise natural language and form-based search, that allows for more effective collaboration.

Cut down on management admin

A 40% increase in productivity is expected when AI is enabled in a company. By automating processes, such as approval workflows, you can save decision-making time.

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