Legacy CMS/Portal Modernization

Upgrade your system functionalities, performance and personalize and optimize your digital experiences

Your legacy CMS can be a threat to your digital experiences

Organizations living within the constraints of outdated portals or CMS systems can lack the flexibility to align with their industry-specific workflows and processes. This can lead to limited functionalities, security vulnerabilities, difficulties in customizations, poor user experiences, and a lack of support and upgrades. Proventeq understands these challenges and we have a tailored approach to help you transition to modern platforms that fit your unique requirements.
Accelerate your CMS/portal modernization journey with Proventeq's solutions

Your partner for your legacy CMS/portal modernization

As a Liferay Silver Partner and expert in platform modernization, we are positioned to help you optimize and develop digital experiences to meet your businesses needs.
Whether you require to migrate to headless CMS, enhance user experience, streamline content delivery, or improve security, custom application, or an online portal with customized experiences, we can bring our expertise and extensive knowledge to help exceed your expectations.

It's time to modernize your legacy CMS/portal applications:

Security concerns

By modernizing your system, you can implement up-to-date security protocols to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access or breaches.

Integration capabilities

You can leverage APIs, microservices, and integration frameworks to seamlessly connect your system with other applications, services, and data sources, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

Performance optimization

Optimize performance by leveraging technologies such as caching mechanisms, content delivery networks (CDNs), and performance monitoring tools, ensuring smooth and efficient operation even under high loads.

Support and maintenance

Because legacy data is frequently distributed across several databases, it takes tremendous effort to restructure and migrate, resulting in higher operational expenses than modern alternatives.

Rise of low-code development

Modern platforms like Liferay capabilities can help you leverage pre-built components, drag-and-drop interfaces, and visual development tools to quickly create and iterate on your applications with less coding.

Shift towards cloud and SaaS

Legacy systems, hosted on-premises or self-hosted in the cloud, require significant effort to manage infrastructure. Moving to a cloud-based or SaaS model alleviates much of this burden, as the service provider handles infrastructure maintenance, allowing the organization to focus on its core business.

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One solution, endless possibilities

We can help you implement modern solutions that meet user expectations or evolving business requirements. Our CMS and portal solutions support efficient workflows, enhance customer interactions, and protect your business content.
Meet compliance requirements

Our approach will ensure that your modernized platform meets all applicable compliance and enterprise-grade security standards.

Cost optimization

Our solution can help you reduce the total cost of ownership by converting capital expenses into predictable operational expenses.

Improve customer experience

Offer your customers a seamless, intuitive, and personalized experience, and consistent and fast access to the information and services.

Operational efficiency

Reduce the administrative burden on IT teams, allowing them to focus on innovation and improving service delivery rather than managing infrastructure.

Supported source and target systems

Proventeq modernizes various legacy CMS and portal platforms, transforming them into modern, composable digital experiences. 


Upgrade to any modern CMS/portal of choice

Enhanced performance, security, and user experience.

Increase process efficiency and save cost

We utilize the latest technologies and solutions combined with our platform modernization expertise to optimize your legacy CMS/portal for businesses like yours. Our services can help your organization with cost-effective and time-efficient processes, applications, and systems, and increase efficiency, and enable accelerated time-to-market.

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Solutions to exceed customer expectations

Our approach to modernization and migration is centered on delivering solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. We collaborate with your team to understand the unique challenges of your industry, ensuring that the end product aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Easy, flexible, and scalable solutions

Agility is key to staying ahead of today's business curve. Our services can empower your business with the flexible, customizable, and scalable digital technology infrastructure to optimize your business. With the latest technologies, we can integrate, automate, and rapidly deploy, ensuring your applications are robust and capable of evolving with the dynamic demands of your industry.

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What sets Proventeq apart ?

We are committed to offering solutions to enable seamless digital transformation and unlock value and productivity for your organization.
Unparallel expertise

Proventeq offers a broad range of legacy migration and modernization services - building and deploying solutions across various industries.

Security & relaibility

 We prioritize data security, comply with relevant regulations, and implement robust security measures from the outset, conducting regular audits and staying ahead of potential threats.

Exceptional delivery excellence

With an excellent customer satisfaction score across the delivery parameters on several global rollouts, Proventeq is known for its delivery excellence.

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