Depending on your requirement, whether for a company website, an online portal with a customizable experience, or a centralized document library with user engagement, with Proventeq, we can deliver a flexible, integrated digital experience platform that is tailored to your company's needs.

So what can we help you with?

Custom Workflows

Whether you need a simple or complex workflow for your team, ensuring content is published with the correct approval processes - we can design it.

User Management

If you want better collaboration within your teams, we can create user groups for editors and portal visitors. We can help organize it.


Implement versioning, allowing you to revert to previous changes if required or review the last edits. Setting items to publish on a schedule or applying automatic review dates so that your content is refreshed when needed. We can protect your content.

Audience Targeting

Providing real-time experiences to your visitors based on location, user group, browsing and searching activities, and personal preferences. We can help you deliver custom experiences.


Liferay has a multitude of language solutions to support regional and multilingual content, providing language translation services to help your content reach a global level. We can work with you.

Dynamic Publishing

Creating content feeds and utilizing Liferays notification functionality enables you to deliver real-time or scheduled messages to the users and visitors of your site by a per-user or per-group content feed.

If would like to know more about how Proventeq, as a Liferay partner, can collaborate with you to provide you with a platform that suits your business, then speak to the experts. You can fill out a contact us form and we'll be right in touch! 

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