Intelligent Automation

Empower your teams and boost productivity by automating your business processes with copilots in your every day apps

Meet your business transformation challenges with intelligent automation

Enterprises are grappling with the complexities of inefficient process automation. The implications are profound, directly affecting the core of their business operations; low productivity, human errors and inaccuracies, lack of business process visibility, bottlenecks, duplication of documents, unsatisfied employees, increased costs, and many more. Deploying intelligent automation solutions in your systems and solutions can navigate the intricacies of your business processes - increase productivity, and efficiency, and allow your teams to focus on higher-value activities.
Employees spend 25% of their time searching for information.
ROI over 3 years - optimizing and automating processes and speed processing times.
30% potential increase in productivity by utilizing advance search and knowledge management tools.
Run-rate cost efficiency - reducing time spent on mundane tasks and increasing teams productivity.

Intelligent automation for every organization

 Bring a new level of efficiency to your company by automating complex business processes, tasks, and workflows. With market-leading expertise in Microsoft 365, Proventeq can harness Copilot in Microsoft 365 for intelligent automation and other Microsoft cloud technologies such as Power Platform, AI Builder, Syntex through SharePoint Premium, and Azure Open AI and Cognitive Search to empower your workforce. We can securely and safely integrate GPT-like experiences with your organization's data - (i.e. custom prompts and custom GPT-like experience to document management through Logic Apps and Power Automate to generate responses that suit your specific business needs).


With Azure AI cloud platform you will be able to:

Build, launch, and manage your digital products with the most scalable, accessible, and secure AI capabilities. If you require more customization over your application deployment and management, don't worry we are ready to help. Learn more about how we can help. Speak to an expert today!

Save time for what matters and reduce cost

Allow intelligent automation to handle your large volumes of data, processing information quickly, and providing insights in real-time. This reduces the time spent on manual data entry and analysis, and repetitive tasks, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making. About 70 percent of your tasks can be automated, which can translated into optimizing your operational efficiency and cost.

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Greater productivity and creativity. Shadow Card

Reinvent productivity and boost creativity

By streamlining tasks, the overall process efficiency is accelerated, enabling your employees to shift their focus to crucial and strategic tasks. Free your team from mundane and time-consuming tasks, and unleash the innovation within them. Teams can focus on deriving creative solutions rather than spending time on routine tasks resulting in increased productivity.

Optimize work quality and business processes

Intelligent automation can empower your business to scale and expand by enhancing operations with quick workflows and reducing manual errors. Business leaders are twice as likely to say AI will provide value to their business - increase process efficiency and accuracy, and help their teams to do more.

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Leverage AI in your workplace to manage your content more effectively. Download our eBook today

Ready to integrate Content AI into your intelligent information workflow?

Find out how AI can be leveraged to manage the content lifecycle in the digital workspace with Syntex through SharePoint Premium. Empower your systems to make informed decisions by extracting valuable insights from content, minimizing manual intervention, and enhancing overall process accuracy.
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How can Proventeq’s intelligent automation solutions help your business?

We have assisted organizations across diverse industries in optimizing their business processes, deploying workflows, and advanced automation within their systems. Whether it involves facilitating interactions with clients, suppliers, and partners or streamlining your internal functions, our connectors, expert team, and market expertise collaboratively will ensure a seamless deployment and integration experience.

Workflows with Power Automate

Simplifying repetitive tasks or orchestrating complex processes? We can automate workflows to manage tasks, email responses, notifications, and approvals and connect to your applications and services. Power Automate's AI tools give you smart insights on how and where to automate.

Low-code development with Power Apps

Using a range of templates, we can create custom forms, automate business processes, build apps tailored to your specific needs, and connect to range of data sources. Powe Apps empowers users to quickly build solutions that enhance productivity and address unique business requirements.

Robotic Process Automation

We can automate repetitive, rule-based, and manual tasks within your business processes to mimic the actions of human users interacting with your digital systems and applications. Microsoft RPA platforms provide a more user-friendly, cost-effective, and cloud-based solution to scale your processes.

Customize Copilots for Microsoft 365

We have expertise in implementing Copilot in your Microsoft to enhance productivity in your Microsoft core applications. Take control of your business and data, including emails, meetings, chats, documents, and more, plus the web. You can even customize copilots in a way tailored to your business objectives.

Custom applications and workflows

We can also build cost-effective automatic workflows with the help of Azure Functions and templates in Power Platform. Design simple or custom document-centric workflows for your business (e.g. initiate approvals for business flows and route documents to the right department for processing).

AI Integration into your systems

With our expertise in Syntex through SharePoint premium, we use intelligence and classification tools to segment data and then model data with AI Builder and AI Studio. New interactions and integrations can be built to provide a GPT/Generative AI experience on top of your organization's data.

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Why you should work with Proventeq

Proventeq has market-leading expertise in Microsoft Azure, Power Platform services, and other Microsoft cloud-based solutions. Our track record in intelligent content management and digital transformation is matched by our list of Microsoft recognitions:


Replace legacy chatbot with Microsoft Copilot studio to enhance efficiency

Modern RPA tools and Microsoft platforms like ChatGPT, generative code tools, and Copilot can be customized for Microsoft 365 with the potential to significantly enhance your workflows and process automation - create chatbots, build apps, run workflows, and more.
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