So you won't need to be a developer to create an app to fix or improve a problem you commonly encounter in your business or department. You can do it yourself, and it doesn't take months to implement. If you're working in HR and you need to find a more efficient way of onboarding new employees, PowerApps is the answer.

Not only is it user-friendly on both mobile and web, but using PowerApps, it can interact with data sources and other services within the Microsoft 365 suite. With PowerApps templates, you can create and customize an employee onboarding application to suit your company's needs. You can gather new employees' contact information and provide them with links to company policies and forms to complete their internal profiles.

With many businesses looking to streamline and modernize their processes, PowerApps can play a fundamental part in automating and integrating data within your Microsoft 365.

The Benefits of PowerApps

Little to No Coding: You don't have to be a computer whizz to be able to build an app with PowerApps. You can create the solution to a company problem if you have an idea that could help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. With no coding required, the deployment of your created app is much faster than having something custom-built, which could take months.

User-Friendly: The apps are designed with the user in mind; therefore, they can be accessed by mobiles, tablets, and web browsers so that your employees can use the app from anywhere. With it being mobile-friendly, you can utilize the smart mobile functionality within PowerApps to complete interactive forms, capture photos and videos, and send over e-signatures.

Cost Effective: If you were to have a custom-built app developed, it would be time-consuming and cost more than you'd expect. With PowerApps, you can join a monthly subscription plan for as little as £3.80.

Integration with Microsoft 365: With PowerApps being a Microsoft product, it has full capability to integrate with other Microsoft tools allowing for seamless interaction with other platforms such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dataverse, Cloud Storage, and more. 

How to improve the Power Platform Governance?

With Microsoft Power Platform allowing regular business employees to create apps for the company with little to no code creation, it may reduce the need for development teams. Still, Power Platforms can be a challenge for IT departments that are protecting company data and ensuring business processes are running smoothly.

This is why you will need a Power Platform governance strategy. A Power Platform governance strategy is required to provide visibility across apps and workflows so that the IT teams can react fast should there be any vulnerabilities. A successful governance strategy will prevent data breaches, minimize the risk of bottlenecks in workflows, and ensures problems are anticipated and acted on as early as possible.

How Proventeq can help

We believe in businesses working smarter, not harder! With this belief in mind, our team of experts can help you plan, build and implement your app that facilitates powerful end-to-end business solutions that users can access from anywhere. We can help you connect PowerApps across the entire Microsoft platform using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure.   

Find out from our experts how power platforms can be tailored to meet your business needs visit our webpage to find out more about how we can help you, or contact us directly for a 1:1 session.

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