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Successful Mapping Data Relationships to Salesforce
Salesforce implementation to enhance operational efficiency

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Bionical Solutions provides clinical, commercial, and digital services to life sciences companies in the UK and US committed to improving patient outcomes. They deliver better access to medicines, improve patient adherence to prescribed treatments, and provide healthcare professionals with unique tools to enhance patient communication. In 2019, they rebranded the business as Bionical Solutions, expanded the UK infrastructure, invested in new offices in the US, and continued to grow.

Salesforce, renowned for its robust customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, has become an essential tool for organizations worldwide, empowering them to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Recognizing the significance of this platform, Bionical EMAS embarked on a Salesforce implementation to enhance its operational efficiency, improve customer engagement, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Before phasing out Bionical’s legacy patient management portal Server system, it was essential to gain complete assurance that their data migration had been executed flawlessly.




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Salesforce Data Migration Services

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What does the audit entail?

Data validity is crucial for successful data migration to a new system. Multiple phases of data validation are necessary to detect errors early. Both functional experts and migration teams must verify the migration data accuracy and confirm that the specified system transactions on the new platform are executed successfully. An audit by Proventeq ensured the effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity of a Salesforce implementation, aligning with organizational objectives and industry standards. This audit covered configuration, data management, user access controls, and compliance. The post-migration validation phase ensures the integrity, completeness, and accuracy of migrated data, aligning with quality standards and organizational requirements.

Bionical Emas' Unique Challenges

Data inconsistencies

Discrepancies in data format, structure, or content may arise during migration, leading to inconsistencies that need to be addressed.

Data integrity issues

Changes in data integrity, such as violations of constraints (e.g., unique key constraints), can cause errors and alter the integrity of the records – particularly with data formats and numerical data information.

Incomplete data migration

Some data was not migrated successfully, resulting in missing or incomplete information in the new system. This needed to be addressed.

Row count mismatches

Several rows of data were migrated over but in the new Salesforce system, there was a mismatch. Where mismatches have occurred, analysis was carried out where possible to determine the cause of the mismatch.

Large database migrated

This project entailed a large database with two sets of data. There were issues with formatting errors – phone numbers, addresses, and customer record details. Proventeq experts had to ensure the data was correct, checking it, and correcting data that had discrepancies within.

Data model issues

The data model used for the project was the weakest part, and in many cases, sub-optimal. The main issue is object duplication, where very similar objects are used to satisfy different contexts or use cases.

Complex relationships between objects

Objects are tied together using a complex network of lookups and junction objects.

In the spotlight: Bionical Emas

Proventeq’s automated data validation services streamlined our process, allowing us to deploy our patient portal using Salesforce Healthcare Cloud platform in just 6 weeks, a task that would have taken 6 months with manual validation.
EVP Information Technology, Behrad Behmardi, Bionical Emas
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Proventeq's expertise in Salesforce data validation services ensured ongoing commitment to improving patient outcomes for Bionical Emas.

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Our Recommendation

Remediating a poorly designed data model poses challenges as it underpins the entire application and is deeply integrated into the configuration and codebase. Instead of a full redesign, it may be practical to improve by removing unnecessary relationship fields and enhancing junction object labeling. Object descriptions should be entered via Object Manager. The document provides various recommendations organized into key areas, emphasizing the need for careful evaluation aligned with organizational needs and priorities. Implementing these recommendations demands meticulous planning, collaboration among stakeholders, and dedicated resources.

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness

Proventeq's Solution

Successful mapping data relationships to Salesforce

Defining the data relationships and mapping source data to Salesforce is an important part of a successful migration. This process involves identifying where each piece of data will reside in the instance. The relationships between objects are also very important to understanding entity relationships.

Post-migration data reconciliation and cleanup

The Proventeq expert team wrote dozens and dozens of SQL statements to compare the source data to the final data to make sure the correct number of rows of data were taken over. The team then verified the migrated data against the source data and resolved any discrepancies.

The Results

Enhanced operational efficiencies

With Proventeq’s recommendations, Bionical Solutions can now benefit from streamlined processes, optimized data management, increased user productivity, and the ability to leverage Salesforce as a strategic tool for driving growth and improving customer engagement.

An enhanced user experience

Each recommendation from Proventeq has been tailored specifically to address Bionical EMAS' unique requirements and align with the organization’s business objectives. The result is an improved user experience with improved data accuracy and greater visibility into sales and customer insights.

Reduction in validation time

Proventeq’s automated data validation approach reduced the overall manual validation time by 90% to meet their regulatory compliance needed. The manual validation approach on the migrated data would have taken 320 man-days and our approach reduced the overall process to within 8 weeks.

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