Complexities of using your legacy File Share system

Your legacy File Share system often lack real-time collaboration features, making it challenging for teams to work together efficiently on shared documents. As your data volumes grow, legacy systems may also struggle to scale effectively, leading to performance issues and increased maintenance efforts. Notwithstanding, locating specific documents or information within File Share can be time-consuming and inefficient, hindering productivity.

Overcome the challenges of using legacy systems and achieve your business goals

Reach your business objectives by moving your File Share content to a modern platform like SharePoint or transforming it.
Save cost

Achieve savings of up to 60% on storage, backup, and IT administration expenses by identifying and retiring redundant, outdated, and insignificant content ( ROT).

Effortless discovery

Improve productivity by up to 30%, reducing the time for workers to search and gather information stored across your various repositories. Gain deep visibility into your data and extract meaningful insights in an instant.

Business continuity

SharePoint's cloud-based deployment options ensure data availability even during disasters, contributing to business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

File Share can be different in structure compared to modern content services platforms and content migration or transformation can often be a challenge. If you perceive any of the following as blockers of your content transformation project, don't worry. Proventeq has the expertise and cost-effective solutions to make your transition seamless.

Our expertise

Combat the challenges and complexities of a large-scale content migration project with Proventeq’s Content Productivity Suite. Built upon our File Share to SharePoint migration expertise, Our Migration Accelerator, as part of our Content Productivity Suite provides a fast and reliable content migration solution. Everything you need to transition securely and seamlessly to Microsoft 365.

File Shares to SharePoint Migration
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In the spotlight: Babcock

Without Proventeq we could not have migrated such diverse systems so effectively.”
- Service Improvement Lead, Babcock
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Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support business for the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defense.


Migration from multiple source systems to SharePoint Online

File Share to SharePoint migration. How does it work?

Proventeq's Content Productivity Suite offers a wide range of benefits throughout all stages of your File Share to SharePoint migration or transformation project.
Discovery and analysis

Discover & analyze

The first step of successful migration is understanding your content.

Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your content using Power BI.

Enrich & restructure

Migration gives you the chance to optimize the quality of your content.

Migration Accelerator enhances content quality via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Enrich & Restructure
Security & Integrity

Security & integrity

Content losing its context is one of the biggest issues of migrating.

With Migration Accelerator you can easily maintain relationships and links within your current content.

Consolidate your content

Are you switching between systems to find the content you need?

Migration Accelerator allows you to consolidate and migrate content from multiple source systems.

Consolidate Content
Minimize Downtime

Minimize downtime

Are you worried that migration will cause your business downtime?

Thanks to Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process, downtime is kept to a minimum.

Guarantee success

We understand that content migration can be a challenge.

Migration Accelerator ensures your success using Iterative migration and rules-based automation.

Guarantee Success

Why migrate to SharePoint?

Streamlined document management

Centralize your document storage and management on SharePoint, making it easier to organize, find, and access documents. Version control and audit trails in SharePoint enhance document management.

Increase productivity

SharePoint's workflow automation capabilities can streamline business processes, reducing manual tasks and improving overall productivity.

Enhance security and compliance

SharePoint offers robust security features, including access controls, encryption, and compliance tools. Your organizations can better protect sensitive data and meet industry regulations.


Your business can scale its SharePoint environment as its data grows, accommodating increasing data and user needs without significant disruptions.

Data analytics and reporting

SharePoint's integration with Power BI enables organizations to create interactive dashboards and gain insights from their data.

Increased knowledge management

SharePoint's document libraries, wikis, and knowledge base features support effective knowledge management and preservation of institutional knowledge.

Intelligent Migration

Looking for a smooth and seamless migration to your modern ECM? Talk to us!

Have you heard of Intelligent migration? It's when you maximize your existing investment in Office 365 and migrate from your legacy ECM to SharePoint Online. Our useful eBook will show you how an intelligent migration to a cloud-based platform can move your business forward and will outline the benefits you can expect. Migrations are complex, but they needn't be when you select the right partner to do it for you.
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