Eliminate Data ROT

Securely audit and organise your unstructured data whilst removing redundant, obsolete & trivial data
Intelligent Content Analysis Tool

Most organisations are paying to store years of unclassified, undiscoverable and in many cases Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data.
Analysts state that on average data ROTs at a rate of 2.1% a month, meaning a third of your data could be useless within a year. Posing a growing security and productivity threat to your business.

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An acronym that succinctly illustrates the increasing security risk of unclassified and undiscoverable data left to atrophy in your content management system.

of business data processed globally is considered redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT)

of all information currently stored by organisations worldwide is considered ‘dark’ data, with an unknown value.

is the estimated annual cost for a mid-sized organisation to store 1,000TB of non-critical information.

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Increase the value of your data estate and improve your business security resilience.

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Enhance business decision making and uncover insights through search and unstructured data analytics

Enhance business planning process
Enhance business planning process

Extract information from unstructured data and with ML, NLP and text extraction modules and transform it into structured insights to inform business plans.

Increase operational efficiencies

Utilise Proventeq’s semantic abilities plus graph technicalities to develop unstructured data into insightful structured information to boost ROI.

Improve business decision making
Improve business decision making

Adopt AI, NLP, and ML tactics to help develop operational processes to make informed business decisions.

Build business case for legacy ECM replacement
Build the business case for legacy ECM replacement

Review existing content to understand usage patterns and determine high-value content to be migrated during the migration process.

Reduce security risk with ROT analysis
Reduce security risk with ROT analysis

Remove unwanted content and Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data to improve secure content architecture and prevent data breaches.

Boost storage efficiency
Boost storage efficiency and ROI

Instead of paying to store exponentially more data, by removing irrelevant data before migration, you reduce storage needs, cost and management time.

Eliminate Data ROT - ongoing ROT protection

Ongoing ROT protection

Content ClassiFile

Content ClassiFile

Make organising and managing your documents smarter, faster and easier. This intelligent tool automatically classifies documents and scanned images based on your business rules. It also enables relevant document search and efficient content governance by harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning.