Accelerating digital transformation within the Manufacturing industry

Accelerating digital transformation within the Manufacturing industry

Improve your agility and capitalize on the use of data from frontline workers

EX Viva Insights - 70%

Decrease in productivity in the Manufacturing industry in the fourth quarter of 2021

Portion of the Global economy taken by the manufacturing industry

EX Viva Topics - 7 weeks

Increase in cyberattacks on manufacturing in a year

The spread of information across multiple business applications means it can take employees up to 23 minutes to switch between sources, search for authentic, up to date data and reorient back to their previous task.

In fact, they spend 20-40% of their time simply searching for information instead of doing their job, leading to stress and a poor employee experience.

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges. Costs are rising, labour is in short supply, processes are largely inefficient, and the need to adhere to Regulations and Standards is paramount.

Organisations are therefore looking to implement new ways of working that saves them money while making it easier for them to save, store, classify, and find information – particularly any documentation required to demonstrate compliance. Many organizations are choosing Microsoft SharePoint and associated Microsoft 365 sertvices, underpinned with the automation of core business processes (BPA), as a means of helping them overcome inefficiencies and deliver automation compliantly.

Choosing the right migration solution is essential - this is where Proventeq’s solutions and services will help.

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Without Proventeq we could not have migrated such diverse systems so effectively.

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Solution provided

Multiple Sources to SharePoint Online migration and integration

Key Benefits

Understand content risk exposure

Identify ROT and content consolidation opportunities by using Content Analyser

Improve employee productivity

Migrate, consolidate and modernize your legacy content management systems with an intelligent content services platform

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investments

Digitize and automate your content workflows

Improve hybrid working collaboration

Increase employee satisfaction and enhance their learning by unlocking the power of Microsoft Viva (as part of Teams)

Improve your customer onboarding experience

Enable omnichannel, personalized and self-service capabilities

Increase employee productivity

Empower your teams with the knowledge and expertise they need at their fingertips