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Development of a customized Power BI dashboard

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Client Profile

Cast Consultancy is a specialist construction consultancy firm, offering tailored solutions to developers, investors, policymakers, and the supply chain. They lead the way in fostering sustainable change within the development and construction industry. Cast Consultancy excels in guiding clients to discover the most cost-effective processes and tools, ensuring their operations are as cost-effective as possible. Their market leadership and unique insights enable them to assist clients in achieving superior outcomes.

Being a construction consultancy firm, Cast Consultancy possesses a substantial amount of data related to projects and clients. To harness this data effectively, we integrated it with the Power BI dashboard, which added a new visual layer of information. By leveraging Power BI’s features and views, Cast Consultancy successfully addressed their challenges, leading to transformative results for their business.

The Power BI dashboard facilitated data compliance, enhanced collaboration, and enabled the creation of a construction project cost estimation tool that used existing Excel spreadsheet data stored centrally. This included map views, location filters, and graphs. Cast Consultancy gained a data-rich overview of their project’s values and costs as the Power BI dashboard remains an integral part of Cast Consultancy’s operations, significantly improving their efficiency and streamlining data showcasing. Cast Consultancy chose Proventeq because of our track record in Data and AI solutions.




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Power BI Dashboard

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The Complexities of the Power BI Dashboard project

  • Cast Consultancy required an easy to use solution that would access and compare their extensive data sets while also addressing the storage challenges posed by managing thousands of visuals.  Proventeq needed to ensure the visuals would enhance interactivity by incorporating filters and slicers for easy exploration. 
  • The absence of an efficient reusable dashboard posed risks of human error, wasted time and effort, inconsistencies, and a lack of standardized processes. This needed to be resolved with the Power BI Dashboard. 
  • The client needed to adhere to data compliance during the display of information. To make this possible, Proventeq assessed the data sources, cleaned and processed the data, designed a data model, and controlled access for authorized users. 
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Solving Cast Consultancy's Unique Challenges

Limited data visualization options and storage

Cast Consultancy faced challenges when it came to presenting its visuals at the high standards it set for itself. They needed a solution to access and compare their extensive data sets while also addressing the storage challenges posed by managing thousands of visuals.

Non-renewable data systems

Cast Consultancy faced challenges due to the absence of an efficient reusable dashboard, which posed risks of human errors, wasted time and effort, inconsistencies, and a lack of standardized processes. This complexity made it difficult to maintain uniformity and high quality across projects.

The Results

Enhanced security permissions that ensure compliance

The Power BI dashboard tool empowered Cast Consultancy to share data with clients while mitigating the risk of disclosing confidential information. Power BI achieves this through role-based security, creating distinct roles for various users and enabling control over the data visible to each role. 

User-friendly functions bringing residential benchmarking to life

The Power BI dashboard's filtering and comparison capabilities facilitate instant access to project information with just a few clicks. The dashboard’s inclusion of map views, location filters, and graphical representations streamlines data analysis and presentation. 

Agile, reusable dashboard maximizing efficiency

Reusable dashboards are a valuable tool in data analysis as they save time, and improve consistency and accuracy across a team, allowing users to quickly access pre-existing data visualizations. This feature is particularly useful in large organizations, where multiple users are working with the same data sets and viewing the same data visuals. 

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