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What is data risk management, and how can you implement it in your organization?

Data risk management is a process that identifies and assesses the risks to an organization’s information assets and then implements appropriate mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate those risks. Data is at the core of every business - and with access to data comes governance and compliance risk management.

Proventeq and the Microsoft 365 ('M365') Compliance Readiness program provides a summary of an organization’s data protection and compliance stature and recommendations to improve data protection and compliance.

The risk of dark data

90 percent of all data is unstructured content

of all digital data is unstructured content

Unstructured data comes in many different forms, from email to voice recordings, memo fields within your CRM, spreadsheets and images, posing a significant risk to your business's security and compliance.

Introducing Data Governance and Compliance Solutions with Microsoft 365

Govern, protect, and manage all your data with greater visibility, control, and assurance using Microsoft Purview. With the dramatic change in working environments post COVID-19, it is crucial to ensure your organization’s data is kept secure and private. Full compliance with data protection - the set of good practices and controls will help your organization comply with regulations, standards, and guidelines and build trust with its customers.
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What is Microsoft Purview?

Integrating the functionalities of the former Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolios, Microsoft Purview is the latest Microsoft’s solution to provide your organization with both unified data governance and risk management in one service.


Proventeq's Intelligent Compliance and Risk Management Solutions with the Microsoft Purview solution 

We believe in enabling a secure workplace for our customers and recommend robust data compliance systems for organizations. Through our Compliance Readiness program with Microsoft 365, we support organizations to implement Microsoft Purview solutions to create a privacy-resilient workplace.
The Compliance Manager section of Microsoft Purview includes continuous compliance assessments as part of its general availability - enhancing the ability to measure and manage your data handling. Whether you are just getting started or need advanced guidance, Microsoft Purview can help you achieve your data governance and compliance goals. The Proventeq team is on hand to guide you through the process of implementing Purview.
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Why your organization should use Microsoft Purview

For 15 years, Proventeq has been working with organizations across the world to ensure safety and protection of their data estate. Why not reach out for a no-obligation talk through the features and benefits of Purview?
Information protection and governance

Protect and govern data anywhere it lives. Secure your data and ensure compliance with government regulations and industry laws.

Internal risk management

Identify and remediate critical insider risks. Critical risks in your business, such as data theft, data leaks, and security policy violations, are easily identified, investigated, and addressed.

Discover and respond quickly

Quickly investigate and respond with relevant data. With the use of interactive data lineage visualization, discover where your data is coming from - Provide teams with the data they need for BI, analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Compliance management

Simplify and automate risk assessments. Easily identify and classify sensitive data, monitor access control, and audit data usage. Manage data retention and security policies, as well as track and report on compliance status.

Unified map of data assets

Establish the foundation for effective data governance and usage with Microsoft Purview Data Map. Easily integrate all your data catalogs and systems. Label sensitive data consistently across platforms like SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power BI.

Understand your data

Insights into how sensitive data is managed throughout YOUR whole data estate. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your data management activities - key insights to add or redistribute glossary terms for better search results.

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