Are you looking to migrate your business content from a legacy enterprise content management system to a modern, intelligent information management platform, such as M-Files? It's certainly a step in the right direction, as your organisation can transform into an Intelligent Workplace by leveraging the powerful user interface features that M-Files has, such as workflow management, quality assurance with version control, ease of use for IT administrators, less IT infrastructure and configuration steps.

At Proventeq, we help organisations worldwide transition to Intelligent Workplaces by migrating their business content to modern content service providers and intelligent information management platforms. Our Migration Accelerator tool takes away the complications from the migration process, providing you with deep insights into your content, pre-migration checks and detailed reporting through all the stages of the project. It could either be purchased as a standalone product, or as a part of an end-to-end content migration solution where your project is implemented to your specifications and managed by our expert M-Files migration team throughout its lifecycle.



Migration Accelerator has been designed to optimise the value of your content throughout all stages of your content migration from non-Microsoft enterprise content management systems to intelligent information management platforms, such as M-Files, whether performed internally by your organisation or as part of migration service provided by our expert M-Files team.

Discover & Analyse

The first step to a successful content migration project is to understand your existing business content.

Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of the content your organisation has.

Enrich & Restructure

Migration to M-Files gives the chance to optimise the quality of your content.

Migration Accelerator enhances your content quality and structure via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Security & Integrity

One of the biggest issues in content migration is losing the context of your content.

With Migration Accelerator you can easily reapply security, relationships and links within your existing content when you migrate.

Consolidate Content

Are you switching between multiple systems to find the content you need?

Migration Accelerator consolidates and migrates content to M-Files from multiple source system repositories.

Minimise Downtime

Are you worried that migration to M-Files will cause excessive business downtime?

Thanks to Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process, downtime is kept to a minimum during your migration.

Guarantee Success

We understand that content migration to M-Files can be a complex challenge.

Migration Accelerator ensures your success using iterative migration and rules-based automation.

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