Planning an OpenText™ eDOCS to SharePoint migration, but struggling to know where to start? Legacy enterprise content management systems such as OpenText™, can be drastically different in their structure to modern content services platforms and migration can often be a complicated, costly and time-consuming project. It is unfortunately not as simple as pointing libraries to libraries if you don’t have the right tools.

Transition from OpenText™ eDOCS to Microsoft SharePoint the right way with Proventeq’s AI-powered Migration Accelerator. Our content migration tool expertly deals with complex and large-scale content migration projects, providing everything you need to achieve a secure and reliable modern workplace.

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Benefits of Proventeq's Migration Accelerator tool

Automated link resolution

Automatically update links inside documents to keep them active post-migration.

Retain and enrich content metadata

Set the level of metadata value you want to transfer from your source system to your new target system.

Intelligently classify documents

Our AI engine uses machine learning to intelligently recognise and automatically classify your business documents and data.

Full audit trail

Maintain a full document level audit trail post-migration.

Advanced format conversion

Transform how you work with content thanks to advanced OCR, image to PDF and other document format conversion.

High performance scalability

Migrate millions of items a day using our scalable, high-throughput engine.

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Proventeq knew their stuff and nothing was too much to ask.
- Adam Dalton, IT Manager, PoolRe
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Pool Reinsurance (Pool Re) are a mutual reinsurer set up by the British government with leading insurers to provide terrorism cover.

Solution Provided

OpenText eDOCS to SharePoint

Truly Advanced Content Migration from OpenText™ eDocs

Migration Accelerator offers a wide range of benefits throughout all stages of your migration from OpenText™ eDocs.
Discovery and analysis

Discover & Analyse

The first step of successful migration is understanding your content.

Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your OpenText™ eDocs content using Power BI.

Enrich & Restructure

Migration gives the chance to optimise the quality of your content.

Migration Accelerator enhances OpenText™ eDocs content quality via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Enrich & Restructure
Security & Integrity

Security & Integrity

Content losing its context is one of the biggest issues of migrating.

With Migration Accelerator you can easily maintain the relationships and links held within your current OpenText™ eDocs content.

Consolidate Content

Are you switching between systems to find the content you need?

Migration Accelerator allows you to easily consolidate and migrate content from multiple OpenText™ eDocs repositories.

Consolidate Content
Minimise Downtime

Minimise Downtime

Are you worried that migration will cause your business downtime?

Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process means that downtime is kept to a minimum during your content migration project.

Guarantee Success

We understand that content migration can be a challenge.

Migration Accelerator ensures successful content migration using Iterative migration and rules-based automation.

Guarantee Success
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