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AI-powered content management solutions for the legal industry

Improve your productivity and reduce costs by modernizing your content management solution and digitizing your processes

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The time wasted by lawyers every week on document management
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The number of pages in a single case file of a law firm causing the number of legal documents needing storage to quickly spiral out of control

Take your law firm's operations to the next level with a new document management strategy

What would you do if you could start all over again with a new document management system? If you’re considering migrating but worried about metadata limitations, permissions, and link resolution, we can help. We specialize in content management, cloud migration, and digital transformation services designed to help law firms transition from complex legacy systems to more efficient, cost-effective, and secure systems.

Most law firms perceive the following as blockers of migration. 

Metadata limitations and permissions

Permissions challenges can occur as law firms employ multiple levels of access and security for documents, making the management of documents a complex task.

Link resolution

Often law firms consider migration but worry about issues that will arise when attempting to link documents from the same system or different systems with related data stored in other systems.


Many law firms use multiple integration systems, which they can't afford to lose after migration. It is critical for them to replicate these integrations in their new document management systems. 

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Is it better that you stay where you are or move to the cloud?

To more efficiently store, classify, access, and reuse information, several law firms today are investing in modern cloud-based ECM platforms.
Migrating from existing legacy systems requires careful planning, particularly given that information shared within them needs to be reviewed, analyzed, and classified before transitioning.
Due to the sensitivity and high volume of the information in scope, perceived blockers of migration, and potential risks, migrations can be very complex. Choosing the right migration solution is essential - this is where Proventeq’s solutions and services will help.

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The first step before every successful migration is to understand your data.

Remove the guesswork from document management and gain clear actionable insight from your content with our industry-leading Content Analyser tool.
Proventeq's Content Discovery Service can help
This enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your content before you migrate to a modern content services platform.
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Why you should migrate with Proventeq

For 15 years, Proventeq has been working with law firms to solve their content management and migration needs. We understand the specific challenges of the legal industry, and we have a tailored solution to meet your needs with our software and expertise
Automated link resolution

Automated link resolution is often costly to implement and maintain, and requires specialized software. Our migration solution automatically updates links inside documents to keep them active post-migration.

Retain & enrich metadata

Set the level of metadata value you want to transfer from your source system to your new target system. We have the expertise in setting up effective document management to ensure that the permissions are configured correctly.

Intelligently classify documents

Our Content ClassiFile ensures documents and scanned images are automatically classified based on business rules. It also enables relevant document search and efficient content governance, including the application of retention policies.

Custom design migration

No matter the complexity of your content structure, we will assess your current system and provide custom solutions that optimize your workflow, reduce downtime and enhance document security.

Advanced format conversion

Transform how you work with content thanks to advanced OCR, image to PDF, and other document format conversion. Enable your workforce to work with all content types, even handwritten documents, thanks to our advanced OCR and format conversion.

High performance scalability

Migrate millions of items a day using our scalable, high-throughput engine. Our Migration Accelerator can run multiple instances in parallel to facilitate a seamless migration outcome.

In the spotlight: McAllister Olivarius

Working with Proventeq allowed us to figure out all of the different mechanics of how to migrate and restructure our data. This allowed us to have a clean break and start working immediately in the new system".
- Honza Červenka, Internal Project Lead
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McAllister Olivarius

McAllister Olivarius is an international law firm with special expertise in bringing discrimination claims in the United States, England and Wales.

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