McAllister Olivarius

Migration from iManage Worksite to SharePoint Online

Client Profile

McAllister Olivarius is an international law firm with special expertise in bringing discrimination claims in the United States, England and Wales. They also have a thriving practice in corporate law, conducting transactions and providing advice for companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

iManage Worksite
SharePoint Online

Working with Proventeq allowed us to figure out all of the different mechanics of how to migrate and restructure our data. This allowed us to have a clean break and start working immediately in the new system.
- Honza Červenka, Internal Project Lead

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Case Study Overview

As is common amongst law firms, McAllister Olivarius were operating on an iManage Worksite system. The limitation of managing content from four separate divisions and entities within the organisation iManage resulted in the need for a more structured and inclusive online environment.

To address this situation, Microsoft’s SharePoint Online product was chosen to provide a complete and extensible Content Services component for the practice.

To enable this quickly and smoothly, McAllister Olivarius chose Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator software and an extensive migration service program to provide a timely, end-to-end solution.

The Complexities Of Migrating From Imanage Worksite To Sharepoint Online

  • The Creation of a new ‘tree-like’ hierarchy file structure required flattening a large number of nested folders and then mapping these to the new system. Each legal matter required a standardised folder structure and this migration project brought an opportunity to cleanse folders in existing matters and make them compliant with the new structure. With three sister organisations, files were located in the same flat system that required a segregated configuration where each organisation had their own workspace.
  • More than 500,000 files required accurate migration from iManage. This included ensuring all the important case assets retained their relationships and integrity.

Solving McAllister Olivarius’ Unique Challenges

Proventeq worked with McAllister Olivarius to meet these unique challenges:

Thousands of Matter (i.e workspaces) in iManage were migrated to their individual sites that were especially designed to facilitate improved and collaborative ways of working for the law firm.

A review of the existing information architecture was needed to determine necessary mapping and transformation rules based on the metadata required for migration.

To minimise the impact to the busy law practice both in the UK and internationally, the final migration had to take place over a 48-hour period. This was successfully executed and delivered.

An audit trail and metadata reports were required for the entire migration to ensure all the items scoped for the migration had been moved across correctly and could be admissible in court.


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Our Five Stage Migration Solution

Proventeq’s migration experts worked closely with McAllister Olivarius to design and implement a five-step migration plan that enabled a smooth transition to their new SharePoint Online environment.