Change Management & Adoption

Transform ways of working – implement new processes, technologies and digital structures to thrive and adapt.
of organizations that integrate change management are more likely to meet their objectives.
79.7 %
of organizations need to adapt their business every two to five years to survive.
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Realize value through a sustainable change

Change management has become critical for every organization to accelerate change. Organizations need to adopt the process of accepting, integrating, and using new changes within their processes and operations. The key to transformation and competitive advantage comes from robust strategies and valuable technology investments.

Is your organization ready to face the challenges of today’s rapid-digitizing world?

Managing change can be challenging, especially when it comes to adoption and acceptance. It involves the implementation of new processes, technologies, and structures that aim to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. It’s often necessary to ensure that your change initiatives benefit your employees and customers.

Proventeq is ideally positioned to help organizations with their digital transformation initiatives, technology and system adoption, and strategic agility to achieve a real impact – enhance customer and employee experience.
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How can Proventeq help?

We are experienced with industry-standard ways of working, including government standards, but also bring our strategic approach that focuses on delivering successful business value and outcome at pace. Our team of Microsoft experts, cloud-native developers, digital and product engineers, and change specialists utilize outstanding digital transformation initiatives, tools, and approaches to ensure that change is successful for organization.

Technology implementation and adoption

Success in business can hinge on strategic technology investment and the ability to adopt the technology. At Proventeq, our SharePoint and Office 365 implementation service has enabled Microsoft's Cloud-based content services and productivity tools for thousands of users across the globe. By choosing us as your SharePoint and Office 365 implementation partner, you leverage the power to optimize your IT infrastructure, streamline user adoption and boost digital workplace effectiveness through secure storage and intelligent delivery of content via Office 365.

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Customer Experiences

In everything we do, we listen to your needs and dig deep to understand your customers. Build rich and engaging digital experiences by utilizing our Liferay platform expertise. With custom user groups for both editors and portal visitors, we can help organize your project teams for better collaboration. Site visitors can be delivered specific experiences tailored to their access permissions.

Employee Experiences

Organizations that put their people at the heart of change are measurably more likely to deliver successful outcomes. We can work with our Digital Experience team to help you define the right strategy and then translate complex, critical information into simple, user-friendly and thought-provoking imagery for your teams. Enhance your employee experience and improve workforce wellbeing by empowering your teams with actionable insights, collaborative learning environments and intuitive collaboration tools.

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Training and support

Training and support are critical in ensuring successful adoption. It is essential to provide stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to use the new processes, technologies, or structures. We provide support to address any issues or challenges that stakeholders may face during the technology adoption process.

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Why is change management and adoption important?

Change is inevitable in every organization, and the ability to manage change effectively is essential for organizational success. Without proper change management and adoption, organizations may struggle to realize the benefits of change, resulting in wasted resources and missed opportunities.
Minimize resistance

Identify and minimize resistance to change. Employees are more likely to embrace change when they understand the need for it and feel involved in the process.

Reduces costs

Reduce costs by minimizing the risks associated with change. It enables organizations to identify and mitigate risks, which can help to avoid costly mistakes.

Improve performance

Improve your organizations performance by enabling changes to your systems, processes, and culture. This, in turn, helps you to stay competitive and relevant.

Why should you work with Proventeq ?

We are committed to offering solutions to enable seamless digital transformation and change initiatives to unlock value for your organization.
Unparallel expertise

Proventeq offers a broad range of digital transformation and change initiatives - delivery success across various industries.

Industry solutions & accelerators

 Over 15 years, we have built industry-specific solutions, strategies and accelerators that speed up time to unlock business value.

Exceptional delivery excellence

With an excellent customer satisfaction score across the delivery parameters on several global rollouts, Proventeq is known for its delivery excellence.

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