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Introducing Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft’s latest collaborative AI tool, Copilot, is designed to enhance productivity in Microsoft's core applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Copilot uses NLP (natural language processing) – or your own words - to decode user prompts to generate new content, saving you time and enabling you to become even more productive.  

This powerful tool creates content and context through Microsoft Graph, a gateway to data and Intelligence in Microsoft 365. It serves as a unified endpoint for accessing data and can generate responses anchored in your business content, from documents, emails, calendars, chats, meetings, and contacts, to several other forms of external business data such as ServiceNow and Salesforce.  


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Make Generative AI work for you

A recent Forrester report predicts that 6.9 million US knowledge workers will be using Microsoft 365 Copilot by the end of 2024.

88 percent - the number in percentage expected to improve productivity in the workplace
the expected improvement in productivity using Microsoft Copilot
60-70 percent of employees time could be saved by automating tasks using generative AI
of repetitive tasks could be automated with generative AI
3.3% points annually could be achieved by automating work
points annually to economic growth could be achieved with work automation

Use cases for Copilot within enterprise

Copilot will be making technology more accessible with the use of natural language. What different user groups have been identified and what are their likely requirements for using the tool?
Automated Document Generation

Copilot can assist in creating complex documents like contracts, reports, and proposals by providing templates and drafting content based on minimal input.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Copilot can analyze large datasets in Excel, suggest trends and patterns, and help create comprehensive visualizations, enhancing decision-making processes.

Email Management and Summarization

Copilot can help manage overflowing inboxes by summarizing email threads, drafting responses, and prioritizing important messages.

Meeting Efficiency

Copilot can schedule meetings, generate and share agendas, and even provide real-time meeting minutes and action items during Microsoft Teams meetings.

Project Management

Copilot can assist in tracking project timelines, assigning tasks, and updating stakeholders by integrating with tools like Microsoft Planner and Teams.

Training and Development

Copilot can create personalized training materials and learning modules based on individual employee needs and learning styles.

Customer Relationship Management

By integrating with CRM systems, Copilot can provide insights into customer interactions, suggest follow-up actions, and automate routine communication.

Content Creation and Editing

It can assist in creating compelling presentations, marketing materials, and social media content, with AI-driven design suggestions and content editing

Language Translation and Localization

For global businesses, Copilot can translate documents and communications, helping to bridge language barriers within international teams.

Accessibility Enhancements

It can help create accessible content by suggesting alternative text for images, ensuring document readability, and providing voice-to-text features.

Workflow Automation

Copilot can automate routine tasks and workflows, customizing processes in applications like Power Automate.

Legal Document Review

Copilot can assist legal teams by reviewing legal documents, suggesting edits, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Research and Development

Copilot can assist in gathering and summarizing research materials, expediting the R&D process.

Human Resources Management

From drafting job descriptions to managing employee records, it can streamline various HR tasks.

The benefits of Copilot

Some of the benefits you can expect when you bring Copilot into your organization.
Increased productivity

Employees can rely on Copilot to take on the more tactical and manual tasks that bog them down and focus on innovative and creative thinking. Instead of scanning through dozens or hundreds of emails, chats, files, and apps to collect information about a specific project or customer, Copilot can find and summarise it so that you spend your time more productively instead of finding documents.  

Cost savings

Microsoft Copilot can free up your workforce and allow you to make use of all of your resources more effectively. This can lead to cost-savings and results in improved profitability.

Enhanced ROI in Business Applications

Microsoft Copilot brings generative AI into Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook – and combines it with the Microsoft Graph (where all your connections and interactions are). 

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The challenges businesses face when implementing Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot uses your existing permissions and policies to deliver the most relevant information. For many organizations, there is a risk of users oversharing information, either accidentally or intentionally through searches with Copilot. Many organizations may have not performed a full audit of their business data and this is a risky move as there’s no certainty in knowing what the new AI capabilities are going to uncover or make shareable. It’s vital to note that Copilot can and will pull information from anywhere it has access, so you need to dive deep into permissions and exposures across your Microsoft 365 tenancy. 


How Proventeq can help you to prepare your data for AI 

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Steps we’ll take to get your data Copilot ready

Proventeq’s Content Productivity Suite features Content Analyser, which is perfect for analyzing and identifying the sensitive and overshared data on a system that poses a risk to your organization’s compliance. Proventeq’s Content Productivity Suite can further review metadata, taxonomy, structure, and security permissions and reduce risk with comprehensive item and version level audits.  


Using the Proventeq Content Productivity Suite, featuring Content Analyser, we’ll deliver a comprehensive Power Bi report to deliver insights about your data. We’ll also ensure that any data outside of M365 is migrated into the M365 estate so that Microsoft 365 Copilot can incorporate the information. 

Classification of data & tightening of permissions

To prevent any confidential or regulated information from being incorporated into Microsoft 365 Copilot suggestions, our team will intelligently classify and tag sensitive documents and data types, so only authorized users have access. 

Apply governance

As data is exponentially increasing, we’ll ensure that robust security permissions are applied to all past, present, and future data. We’ll apply governance, and configure internal permissions to ensure your data is secure and compliant.

Test Search Functionality

We’ll perform rigorous testing to ensure that users can only access information necessary for their role. 

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Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Semantic Search through Semantic Index for Copilot

Microsoft Semantic Search and Semantic Index for Copilot represents a significant advancement in information retrieval, bringing the power of natural language understanding and knowledge graphs to search engines.

Proventeq can help you deploy Semantic Search capabilities within M365 Copilot by comprehending user intent, extracting meaning from queries, and connecting relevant concepts to offer improved accuracy, personalization, and a more intuitive search experience.  

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