Data migration and automation solutions for the healthcare industry

Improve the patient and employee experience while modernizing workflows

Section of the healthcare industry that is already using such predictive tools in managing their supply chains
Growth that global virtual and augmented reality in healthcare market is expected to reach by 2025
Increase in cyberattacks in a year

The healthcare industry faces many challenges, particularly with regards to cost management and time optimization. In an effort to save money and create more time for patient care, Healthcare Trusts are constantly looking for ways to make it easier and less time consuming for front line workers to categorize, save, and find information.
This is why many are choosing Microsoft 365, underpinned with the automation of core business processes (BPA), as a means of helping them overcome some of these monetary and time challenges.
Consolidating and migrating away from existing systems and standardizing on SharePoint however requires careful planning, and choosing the right migration solution is essential. This is where Proventeq’s solutions and services will help.

In the spotlight: LifeArc

Moving to Office 365 was a key component of our on-going plan to centralise and improve accessibility and gain more meaningful insights from our business and scientific data. Working closely with Proventeq as our specialist technical partner, we were able to migrate from our legacy content management platform into Office 365 with confidence.
- Adam Lythgoe, IT Manager, Business Services
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LifeArc is a life sciences charity focused on improving human health by adding value to early-stage scientific research.

Solution provided

Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams

Key benefits

of working with Proventeq
Understand content risk exposure

Identify ROT and content consolidation opportunities by using Content Analyser.

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investments

Digitize and automate your content workflows

Improve hybrid working collaboration

Increase employee satisfaction and enhance their learning by unlocking the power of Microsoft Viva (as part of Teams).

Make content migration an opportunity

Migrate, consolidate and modernize your legacy content management systems with an intelligent content services platform.

Improve your customer onboarding experience

Enable omnichannel, personalized and self-service capabilities.

Increase employee productivity

Empower your teams with the knowledge and expertise they need at their fingertips.

Be smart about your content

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