Improve your business' performance, increase IT effectiveness and boost productivity

with our content migration service.

Updating your enterprise content management system to a Cloud-based Content Services Platform ensures that your workforce can meet the demands of modern business.

At Proventeq, we provide a fully customisable, end-to-end content migration service which can be tailored to your exact specification. Our expertise in Enterprise-grade content migration means that no matter the platform, complexity or scale of your organisation's project, our team will help you achieve your goals.

From content discovery and analysis to post-migration support and training; our content migration service enables almost limitless opportunities for your organisation to turn your migration project into an opportunity to increase productivity and IT effectiveness.



Reduce Your Costs

Save 90% over a typical manual content migration project, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

Fully Customisable Solution

Our flexible approach means we are able to customise your migration to suit your needs; eliminating costly downtime and potential accessibility issues

Totally Accurate Migration

Regular checkpoints built into our process and full traceability to verify and modify rules to reduces risk and achieve 100% accuracy.

In-depth Content Analytics

We provide in-depth source content analytics integrated with Power BI to provide a 360-degree view of your content.

Enrich and Restructure Content

Insight into your content means we can provide content enrichment and re-structuring rule-based metadata.


Our team form the heart of our content migration services. We've handpicked the most highly experienced migration specialists, each skilled with a wide range of current and legacy Enterprise Content Management systems.

Thanks to decades of combined experience, we have defined five established stages within our service to provide you with a successful content migration.

We've refined the industry standard Data Migration Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for separation of content extraction, transformation, and load stages to deal specifically with Enterprise-grade content migrations. This enables us to succeed in even the most complex Enterprise-grade content migration environments; dealing with large data sizes, high volumes of content items, and elaborate content repositories for some of the largest private and public-sector clients in the world.

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