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iManage can be drastically different in structure compared to modern content services platforms and migration can often be a complicated, costly, and time-consuming project. But it doesn't have to be.

Combat the challenges and complexities of a large-scale content migration project with Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator software, built upon our iManage to SharePoint migration expertise. 

Proventeq offers a reliable solution to migrate your iManage or Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities using SharePoint Syntex, Power Automate and other Power Platform solutions to fully enable your seamless migration to Microsoft 365.

iManage Worksite to SharePoint actionable insights
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iManage to SharePoint eBook

Migration best practice:
iManage to SharePoint eBook

This eBook will navigate you through the complexities involved in iManage to SharePoint migration and will equip you with the knowledge to execute a smooth migration. This will help you to appreciate the differences between iManage and SharePoint and key considerations for your migration project.
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Your iManage migration made easy

A truly successful migration must provide tangible business benefits throughout all stages of your content migration from iManage to your new target platform. Migration Accelerator offers a wide range of benefits that make it much more than a tool for "lift and shift" projects.
Discovery and analysis

Discover & analyze

The vital first step for a successful iManage to SharePoint migration is knowing your content.

Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your existing iManage content using Power BI.

Enrich & restructure

Migration to SharePoint gives the chance to optimise the quality of your content.

Migration Accelerator enhances quality of existing iManage content via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Enrich & Restructure
Security & Integrity

Security & integrity

Maintaining security and content integrity is a priority for all iManage content migrations.

Migration Accelerator enforces and enriches security rules and maintains content structure during migration to SharePoint.

Consolidate content

A Worksite migration to SharePoint should make content easier to find and work with.

Migration Accelerator consolidates and migrates content from multiple iManage repositories and versions to SharePoint.

Consolidate Content
Minimise Downtime

Minimize downtime

Worried that migrating multiple departments to SharePoint will cause business downtime?

Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental processes for SharePoint Online, On-Premise or Hybrid keep downtime to a minimum.

Guarantee success

We understand that content migration to SharePoint can be a challenge.

Migration Accelerator's iterative migration and rules-based automation ensures your migration from iManage to SharePoint success.

Guarantee Success

In the spotlight: Pinella Shapiro

Proventeq was great. Everything went smoothly; they were very responsive to any additional questions or requests that we had. The overall migration was a very good experience."
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Migrated from iManage to SharePoint

Migration packages

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout every stage of your migration to help you get the most out of your move to SharePoint.

Software Package

Streamline your migration and retain links

Manage your own project with our versatile, rules-based engine for automated content migration.

  • Customise to your specific requirements
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Powerful analysis
  • Access to online support articles and guides

Starter Package

Understand and enrich your source content

Retain all the benefits of our industry-leading Migration Accelerator software plus let our experienced team guide you through the initial key stages of migration.

  • 20 days expert consultancy
  • Discovery, analysis & design
  • Configuration & bite-size pilot migration


High speed, reliable and accurate adoption

Our complete end-to-end migration service ensures a seamless, error-free migration and adoption of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

  • Full end-to-end migration consultancy
  • Comprehensive discovery, analysis & design
  • Full configuration & pilot migration
  • Optimised live migration - ensuring business continuity
  • Post migration support and onboarding

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