In today's evolving workplace, where hybrid models have become the norm, the demand for sophisticated UCC services is surging. Everest Group’s comprehensive 2024 assessment delves into how leaders in UCC are harnessing state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, generative AI, and immersive solutions to transform communication and collaboration across workplaces.

Proventeq stands out as a "Major Contender" in this year's Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) Specialist Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment, attributed to its strategic initiatives and solid capabilities. Our company is noted for its consulting-led approach to migration services and the enhancement of knowledge management via our proprietary Proventeq Content Productivity Suite.

Our commitment to building strong client relationships is reinforced by our responsive service and in-depth technical expertise. Furthermore, our strategic partnerships with pivotal technology providers significantly bolster our comprehensive service offerings, affirming Proventeq’s leadership in the UCC landscape.

Udit Singh, Vice President at Everest Group, states: 

"Proventeq’s client-centric approach to UCC services, combined with its expertise in knowledge management supported by the proprietary Proventeq Content Productivity Suite, and its strategy focused on consulting-led UCC migration services, underpinned by a strong partnership ecosystem, have all contributed to its position as a Major Contender in our UCC Specialist Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment for 2024. Clients particularly value Proventeq’s adaptability, technical acumen, and understanding of their business cultures." He adds,

"Proventeq's early investments in generative AI technologies, particularly Microsoft Copilot, lay a robust foundation for its future success. As their IPs and solutions continue to evolve, Proventeq is poised to increase its value as a strategic partner significantly."

Balu Herbert, the Chief Strategy Officer at Proventeq, remarks,

Our range of products and solutions, including the Graph Connectors and Custom Extensions suite, leverages the latest advancements in Gen AI to fully unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot and Custom AI Search. The Proventeq Copilot Readiness Program is meticulously designed to streamline enterprise data, preparing organizations for a seamless Copilot rollout. It achieves this by integrating disparate content, thereby enhancing the accessibility and utility of knowledge and insights.

Commended for our client-centric approach and deep expertise in knowledge management, Proventeq stands as a strategic partner, poised for continued success through our early investments in generative AI technologies. This positions us as a Major Contender, adept at driving significant value and adapting to evolving business cultures and technical demands.”

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