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Design, development, and deployment of a series of B2B dealer/customer portals in Liferay for their automotive clients worldwide.

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Client Profile

Founded in 1951, our client works closely with global vehicle manufacturers within the automotive industry to enhance their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their deep automotive industry expertise, combined with advanced data analytics and custom software solutions, supports OEMs across Warranty and Technical, Parts and Service, Channel Management, Customer Engagement, and Fleet and Mobility.

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Case study overview

The Proventeq team helped the client to deliver a series of robust B2B Customer Experience platforms for both a global car brand and an agricultural machinery and instruction equipment company in the North American and European territories.

These bespoke portal applications consolidated our client's customers’ data within a user friendly, single integration portal to support a seamless customer journey, rather than accessing multiple web applications.

As a Liferay partner, Proventeq was chosen for their expertise and extensive knowledge of the platform, with a full team in place to deliver support.

The challenges

Mismanagement of data

Data collation was a challenge because the client’s customer's reporting system was not efficient enough to provide accurate reports and subsequent forecasts of their financial data.

Complexity of data

The data storage & analytics layer required many optimizations using a dedicated cache layer and optimized Oracle Database to deliver the responsiveness required by the end users.

Big data processing

As the client's customers had a large set of data to process, the risk was that this would result in inaccurate reports or a lack of clear data for the business to make use of.

Challenging timescales

Proventeq had a short timeframe to deliver the project, so the scope was locked to control timelines. The end customers had to continue using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to review sales data throughout the build to ensure business continuity.

MSX International - Solutions

Proventeq's solution for the client


Discovery Analysis.png

Gap analysis and documentation review

We analyzed the requirements of the client's customers and created user interface wireframes which guided the development of the interface in Liferay.

Design of the solution

Our experts worked closely with the client's technology team to design and implement a solution to enable a smooth transition to the target platform. This included a robust deployment process allowing for continuous integration, deployment of fixes and updates all of which could be managed in JIRA.

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Platform upgrade to align with the Liferay platform roadmap

We helped the client to upgrade the Liferay version to the latest DXP 7.x version, which was the biggest update since the inception of the platform. This included updates to components written in Spring MVC, which provided more flexibility and improved features for the end user.

The Results

Immediate access to relevant content
Immediate access to relevant content and transaction details

The bespoke system built gave the end user the ability to process their sales files and generate daily and monthly reports as required. This was particularly helpful for the client’s customers for decision-making, using business-critical data.

user-friendly platform
A multilingual, user-friendly platform

Liferay has a multitude of language solutions to support regional and multilingual content, providing language translation services to help your content reach a global level. We worked with the client to provide a bespoke multilingual platform to support their client’s employees, and customers alike, on a global scale.

An enhanced user experience
An enhanced user experience resulting in increased efficiency

The Liferay-enabled platform that the Proventeq team developed helped the client’s customers to find transactional data, products, and service information faster with powerful search capabilities on the new platform.