Liferay DXP Cloud Migration Service

We can help you successfully migrate from legacy versions of Liferay to Liferay DXP and DXP Cloud
Improve your customer experience and enhance operational efficiencies when you seamlessly upgrade to Liferay DXP or migrate to the cloud with Proventeq as your expert integration partner.

Why you should choose Proventeq as your Liferay Partner

Our Liferay DXP services are built on our proven best practice expertize and leverage the power of our Migration Accelerator tool to help you seamlessly transition to modern Liferay platforms.
Discovery and analysis
Discover & analyze

The first step to a successful Liferay DXP Cloud migration project is to understand your existing Liferay application landscape: portlets, customizations, content structures, document & media volumes, search extensions and database customizations.

Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your content using Power BI.

Content structure
Enrich & restructure

Migration gives the chance to optimise the quality of your content prior upgrading to Liferay DXP platform specifically taking advantage of newer web content management capabilities such as widgets and page fragments.

Migration Accelerator enhances content quality via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Security & integrity
Security & integrity

Content losing its context is one of the biggest issues of migrating to newer versions of Liferay DXP or Cloud platform.

With Migration Accelerator you can easily maintain security, relationships and links within your content.

Consolidate content
Consolidate content

Are you switching between systems to find the content you need?

Migration Accelerator allows you to consolidate and migrate content from multiple source systems, whether it’s a legacy CMS/Portal platform, such as Websphere, WebCenter, SiteCore, Drupal, Adobe, or an HTML-based website.

Minimize downtime
Minimize downtime

Are you worried that migration would cause your business downtime?

Thanks to Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process, downtime is kept to a minimum.

Guarantee success
Guarantee success

We understand that content migration from legacy content management of portals can be a challenge.

Liferay DXP Cloud migration will use proven migration methodology and guidelines set by DXP Cloud platform.

Babcock International

- Service Improvement Lead, Babcock

The key advantages of a Liferay DXP Cloud platform

High availability

Keep business-critical services online with multiple layers of protection for your platform and infrastructure. Create custom self-healing and fault tolerance processes to support performance during peak traffic times.

Development cycle

Streamline the development lifecycle with a full CI/CD strategy. For every new commit or pull request, Liferay DXP Cloud will trigger a new build that can be deployed to your QA, UAT or Production environment.

Application development

Keep track of application performance with build and deployment logs. Analyze your stack trace and troubleshoot bugs from the web console and command-line interface or download the logs to use in your preferred tool.


Monitor the health status of each of your services, as well as real time metrics for CPU, Memory and Transfer data usage.

Realtime alerts

Customize alerts for each user so the right people know instantly about any issues with CPU, memory, storage and data transfer usage, improving behind-the-scenes reaction time to pressing needs.


Enable maximum productivity and security with complete control over access and permissions for each project environment.

Ready to migrate to Liferay DXP or DXP Cloud?