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Apply intelligent classification and automated metadata for better retention, compliance and governance
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Three steps to intelligent migration success


Migration Accelerator helps maximise the potential of your content and provide tangible business insights.



Analytical insight at every project stage



Reliable and accurate content migration



High-throughput engine



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Want to experience migration with the power of AI?

M-Files to SharePoint Migration Made Easy

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout the migration process to help you get the most out of your move from M-Files to SharePoint.

Discover & Analyse
Discover & Analyse

The first step to a successful content migration project is to understand your existing business content.


Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your content using Power BI.

Enrich & Restructure
Enrich & Restructure

Content migration gives your organisation the chance to optimise the quality of the content you have.


Migration Accelerator enhances content quality via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Security & Integrity
Security & Integrity

One of the biggest issues in content migration is losing the context of your content.


With Migration Accelerator you can easily maintain relationships and links within your current content.

Consolidate Content
Consolidate Content

Are you switching between systems to find the content you need?


Migration Accelerator allows you to consolidate and migrate content from multiple Alfresco repositories.

Minimise Downtime
Minimise Downtime

Are you worried that migration will cause your business downtime?


Thanks to Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process, downtime is kept to a minimum.

Guarantee Success
Guarantee Success

We understand that content migration can be challenging.


Migration Accelerator ensures your success using Iterative migration and rules-based automation.

The excellent collaboration with Proventeq meant we successfully delivered a solution that meets the needs of DfE and will facilitate easier searching of information by colleagues.

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Legacy CMS to SharePoint Online migration and integration

Your migration package options

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout every stage of your migration to help you get the most out of your move to SharePoint.

Software Package


Streamline your migration and retain links


Manage your own project with our versatile, rules-based engine for automated content migration.


  • Customise to your specific requirements
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Powerful analysis 
  • Access to online support articles and guides

Starter Package


Understand and enrich your source content


Retain all the benefits of our industry-leading Migration Accelerator software plus let our experienced team guide you through the initial key stages of migration.


  • 20 days expert consultancy 
  • Discovery, analysis & design
  • Configuration & bite-size pilot migration



High speed, reliable and accurate adoption


Our complete end-to-end migration service ensures a seamless, error-free migration and adoption of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.


  • Full end-to-end migration consultancy
  • Comprehensive discovery, analysis & design
  • Full configuration & pilot migration
  • Optimised live migration - ensuring business continuity
  • Post migration support and onboarding