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Migration from Multiple Source to SharePoint

Client Profile

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support business for the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defense. Operating in the UK and overseas, Babcock is trusted to deliver complex and critical support to the defense, energy, emergency services, transport, and education sectors. Location

Defense & Space
Multiple Source

Without Proventeq we could not have migrated such diverse systems so effectively.
- Service Improvement Lead, Babcock

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Case Study Overview

Babcock had a requirement to migrate terabytes of data, consisting of thousands of Sites and Workspaces, and millions of Document and items from SharePoint 2003, Exchange 2007 Public Folders, Autonomy iManage Worksite, Autonomy Zantas EAS Archive and Lotus Notes into SharePoint.

The Complexities Of Migrating From Multiple Source To SharePoint

  • Dealing with multiple origin systems at once.
  • Business reorganisation- this warranted the creation of a new content hierarchy.
  • Migrate existing data archived in third party archival systems.
  • Rename and modify users, groups and domains in the new environment.
  • Remap source security model to the new security model.

Solving Babcock’ Unique Challenges

Here at Proventeq, we specialise in non-Microsoft to Microsoft migrations; Babcock had multiple source systems that required consolidation into SharePoint.

Their assets were critical and of high importance- our Migration Accelerator allowed our team to trial the migration and securely map the transfer of data to highlight any future errors for rectification. Customisation is important in any migration.

We created a brand-new structure for their assets in SharePoint that included specifications from Babcock themselves. Security was paramount, so each item was seamlessly allocated the same level as it had in their original source systems.

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The Results

A Universal Platform
A Universal Platform

Migrating from five different source systems can pose different challenges. Our expert team merged millions of assets into one, easy-to-use site which increased the accessibility of relevant documents for their employees.

Mitigated Downtime
Mitigated Downtime

Successful consolidation of content from various source platforms and multiple repositories into Microsoft SharePoint. Business downtime during migration was greatly reduced using managed migration.

Safe Content
Safe Content

Security was extremely important to Babcock. Each piece of content was reassigned the same level of security as within the origin system, to ensure the asset library remained protected.