Have you gone digital

Have you gone digital?

Balu Herbert


22 Jun 2022

If you haven't already, you should be looking at improving your business with a digital workplace. Having a digital workplace can save you money and get your business and its employees working more efficiently.

Going paperless has many benefits, from increased security to reducing your carbon footprint and operating costs. The challenges of going digital are few and far between.

Benefits of going digital

  • Reduces your carbon footprint and strengthens your business's green credentials and environmental objectives.
  • Reduces costs in office space, admin time, stationary budgets and more.
  • Speeds up sign off of documents with no wait time for email replies or the postman.
  • Accessible content from anywhere at any time allows employees to have flexibility.
  • Increases compliance and security by removing manual processes eliminating time and risk of human error.

So, why is a digital workplace important for your business?

Having a digital workplace gives your employees the right tools to perform their job responsibilities efficiently. It also enables your employees to access all documents and data anywhere at any time and provides easy sharing and collaboration without the risk of duplication.

So what's stopping your business from going digital?

Going digital isn't an impossible task; it can be done. But despite the security, efficiency and monetary advantages, adopting a paperless office has been slow. Whether it's due to fear of business disruption, the cost of making the switch to digital and the training of staff, or the impracticality of working with non-digital customers or suppliers.

Proventeqs ETA Framework can help for a more efficient, secure and cost-effective document management method. If you would like to learn more about how your business can transition from paper to digitalisation, get in touch with our team of experts who can help advise and guide you to a successful change. We understand it can be a complex transition and therefore are available to contact via email, phone or our contact form.