How to turn content into knowledge with Microsoft Syntex

How to turn content into knowledge with Microsoft Syntex

Toby Lethby


14 Jan 2021

At the end of last year, Microsoft launched the first product as part of its new Project Cortex initiative after much anticipation. Proventeq’s CTO and CSO joined Microsoft's Chris McNulty for Project Cortex Office Hours to discuss the benefits Microsoft Syntex offers organizations and give their best practice advice for its adoption.

If you don’t have an hour spare to listen to this in full here’s an overview of what we discussed which will only take two minutes to read.

What is Project Cortex and Microsoft Syntex?

Project Cortex is a new Microsoft 365 initiative that applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to empower people with increased knowledge and expertise about the apps they use every day.

Microsoft Syntex is the first product from Project Cortex which was launched for all Microsoft 365 commercial customers at Microsoft Ignite 2020. It uses advanced AI and machine learning to amplify human expertise, automate content processing and transform content into knowledge.

The result? Improved precision and data consistency.

How does Microsoft Syntex work?

Microsoft Syntex enables your internal experts (or your migration partner) to capture their knowledge within AI models which can be built without code. You can then train Syntex to understand the content as you do, recognize key information, and tag content automatically. For example, a contract processing expert can teach Syntex to extract the contract’s value, along with the expiration date and key terms and conditions.

Syntex then uses those models to automate the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content, extracting valuable information as metadata. Metadata is critical to managing content, and seamless integration with Microsoft Search, Power Automate, and Azure Information Protection (AIP) enables you to improve knowledge discovery, accelerate processes, and dynamically apply information protection and compliance policies. Making human-centric AI real.

“Our customers have always looked at maintaining the integrity of their content, which is something we help them with. But as part of their data transformation, more customers are also looking at content enrichment.

A lot of the time content grows organically within an environment and although many organizations start with good intentions, what we see is that over time the data becomes less and less valuable as people don’t want to tag and classify things the right way. So, the first year or two things will be great but not after that. This is where Syntex can help because you are automating the process and taking the worry away.”

Rakesh Chenchery, CTO - Proventeq

How to get the most out of Microsoft Syntex




“Legacy ECM systems have a content type that is strictly followed with a metadata structure and loosely defined taxonomy terms. The journey to move into a system like Syntex starts by setting those up correctly. But the bigger picture Proventeq looks at as part of the journey we recommend is to use this as an opportunity to revamp your information architecture. Make sure that it’s built in the right way… By adding to the initial metadata, you get a lot more value out of your data because the Syntex auto-classification is more effective.”

Balu Herbert, CSO - Proventeq

To help businesses streamline their Project Cortex adoption we developed our new service - Syntex Readiness with Content Insights.

Its primary aim is to help you understand the DNA of your content and help you define your bespoke Microsoft Syntex strategy.

You gain full insight into every aspect of your data based on several dimensions including how the content has been used, when it was created, what type of content it is, hierarchically how it is stored, how they are related to each other, and much more.

Real estate development firm, DLF India, was able to fully exploit the content management and user productivity potential of Microsoft SharePoint after deploying Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator software when migrating from IBM FileNet to Microsoft 365.

- 35% cost reduction in ECM ownership
- 2.5 million items effortlessly migrated to SharePoint

“The transition to Microsoft Office 365 platform was swift and smooth and it has provided flexible distribution, management and collaboration of content.”

Mahesh Mathur, Sr. Vice President - DLF Limited

Benefits of Proventeq’s Microsoft Syntex Service

  • Gain insight
  • Improve ROI
  • Improve security
  • Save time

The key to success with Syntex is curating your content at the start and building a robust bespoke roadmap to meet your specific business needs. Our focus is to make sure you don’t have to wait to make the best use of your data. So, from the moment you are thinking of moving your content into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem from whatever source system, we can prepare your data to work perfectly from day one.

Ready to start your Microsoft Syntex journey?

Some of the organizations already reaping the benefits of Microsoft Syntex are Unilever, Arla Foods, and Robert Half, to name just a few you might have heard of. Want to join their ranks? Book a free discovery workshop to discuss the options for your business and start your journey to content enlightenment.

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What this webinar recording covers

  • Deep dive into what Microsoft Syntex is and how it works
  • The business benefits of Microsoft Syntex
  • How to build a Microsoft Syntex adoption roadmap
  • How to make your content work smarter

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