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Migrated from IBM FileNet to SharePoint Online

Client Profile

DLF India are the largest commercial real estate developer in India, specialising in the development of commercial, retail and residential properties through the country. DLF continues to see exceptional growth in a highly competitive and expanding market. The company is headed by Kushal Pal Singh, the world's richest property developer.

Property Development
IBM FileNet
SharePoint Online

The transition to Microsoft Office 365 platform was swift and smooth and it has provided flexible distribution, management and collaboration of content.
- Mahesh Mathur, Sr. Vice President, Systems & IT DLF Limited

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Case Study Overview

DLF took the decision to implement SharePoint Online to be able to manage content and information on a granular level; provide staff and external stakeholders with the flexibility of a centralised Content Services solution, and reduce the overall infrastructure costs.

With over 2.4 million content items held in an ageing IBM FileNet P8 instance, and a requirement to minimise business downtime during the migration process, DLF chose Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator to discover, analyze, enhance, classify and migrate their content portfolio. Our team then followed this with 90 days of post-migration support to ensure that the switchover to Microsoft’s platform was efficient and ensured that each of the challenges of the project had been met.

The Complexities Of Migrating From IBM FileNet To SharePoint Online

DLF’s existing content portfolio had been accumulated over a long period, meaning that a thorough assessment of source content was required to identify errors, inconsistencies, and the relationships surrounding content.

DLF’s team expressed concern that content was distributed across multiple Object Stores and folders in FileNet P8, meaning that content was often not correctly filed, related or in context.

Documents based on lots of classes and metadata stored in FileNet required segregation and migration to consolidated content types and different site collections in SharePoint Online.

A complete review of source and target information architecture, necessary mapping and transformation rules based on parent metadata needed to be completed prior to migration.

DLF required security to be applied at a granular level to individual folders as well as restricting view, read and print permissions for respective department users.

DLF’s team required a full audit trail and metadata reports for the entire migration, to ensure all the items in the scope of the migration had been transferred to SharePoint Online successfully.

Our Six Step Migration Solution

To ensure that our team met the challenges of DLF’s migration to SharePoint, and that the organization could move forward with a flexible centralised Content Services platform to meet the needs of the business, we developed a strategic six step migration and support solution based on both the specific challenges faced by DLF, and our extensive experience in migrating content from IBM FileNet P8 to SharePoint.