The ROT problem

Are you stuck in a ROTten data rut? Migrating, backing up, migrating again, and backing up again years of unclassified, undiscoverable and Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data. Don’t worry you’re not alone. 

Many organisations have fits of optimisation, often when forced to for new governance such as GDPR a few years ago. But it’s a tireless job to try and maintain that high standard of ongoing data classification and labelling compliance.  

On average data ROTs at 2.1% a month. Which means a third of data is obsolete within a year. With data creation currently growing globally at 61% a year you can see the looming data crisis. 

If this continues the exponential growth of data is not only going to cost organisations money to backup and store but as it ROTs it leaves you exposed to potentially avoidable governance and compliance risks.

The challenge

Step one. Find the data owner. Easier said than done following successive data migrations and attrition. Leading to a protracted, manual classification and culling exercise.

You can skip step one in a rush to upgrade your content systems or move to the cloud. But lifting and shifting terabytes of business data without Content Analysis will continue the ROTten cycle, increase your migration time, cost and potentially create future compliance issues.

The solution

The answer is to use tools that auto-classify data, eliminating, or at least significantly reducing, the need for manual inspection or action.

Office 365 has an auto-classification tool, but it still requires some manual input to ensure full classification compliance.

But there are now fully automatic alternatives. 

Proventeq’s suite of AI-powered tools - Migration Accelerator, Content Analyser and Content ClassiFile - index and classify data so it’s findable and useful. While Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), and Cognitive Services (CS) enrich content, enhancing its value.

Migration tools

Migration Accelerator enables duplicate, redundant, obsolete, and trivial information to be removed BEFORE migration, helping reduce storage needs, costs and management time. To further support your governance and compliance needs, it also intelligently moves data into the most appropriate Microsoft 365 system. So personal data goes into OneDrive, collaboration data to Teams and legal documents to SharePoint. 

Ongoing ROT protection 

Content ClassiFile makes organising and managing your documents smarter, faster and easier. This intelligent tool automatically classifies documents and scanned images based on your business rules. It also enables relevant document search and efficient content governance, by harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning. 

Proventeq’s tools break down silos to leverage information already stored in your data system. Whether that system is ECM, ERP, CRM, file-sharing services, network folders, SharePoint, or a diverse range of other repositories, trust Proventeq’s enterprise-grade product platform to deliver highly effective content classification solutions.

Whether you use an enterprise-grade AI-powered tool from Proventeq, Office 365’s in-built classification tool or get the apprentice to regularly manually classify and cull your content; smart content management needs to be at the core of your business strategy. If not your most important business asset, your data, will continue to ROT. 

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