Intelligent Content Analysis

Remove potential risks before migration by analysing your content with our AI-powered solution
Analysing and understanding your content before you migrate to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, helps eliminate risks and increase the ROI of your migration project. It also helps you determine what types and how much content needs migrating; helping to simplify and optimise your future environment.
Effectively control and organise the increasing volume of data your business creates every day.

Remain competitive by facilitating the power of your most important asset. Your data.

Unfasten the hidden value within your structured and unstructured data.

Increase the value of your migration from File Share, EFSS and Legacy ECM platforms to Microsoft environments

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Enhance business decision making and uncover insights through search and unstructured data analytics

Enhance business planning process

Extract information from unstructured data and with ML, NLP and text extraction modules and transform it into structured insights to inform business plans.

Increase operational efficiencies

Utilise Proventeq’s semantic abilities plus graph technicalities to develop unstructured data into insightful structured information to boost ROI.

Improve business decision making

Adopt AI, NLP, and ML tactics to help develop operational processes to make informed business decisions.

Build the business case for legacy ECM replacement

Review existing content to understand usage patterns and determine high-value content to be migrated during the migration process.

Reduce security risk with ROT analysis

Remove unwanted content and Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data to improve secure content architecture and prevent data breaches.

Boost storage efficiency and ROI

Instead of paying to store exponentially more data, by removing irrelevant data before migration, you reduce storage needs, cost and management time.

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Content Analyser

Quickly and accurately develop a deeper understanding of your business content with our AI-powered software.

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Turn your content into knowledge

Simplify complex data issues, and provide actionable insights for better business outcomes