Research shows that organizations across the UK are losing more than 1 million hours a week searching for misplaced files. That's equivalent to seven lost days a year for each worker and is costing UK organizations £20 million a year in wasted time.

Minimize wasted time with AI-powered intelligent search

New search technology, such as AI-powered intelligent search tools, can help organizations minimize wasted time and increase productivity.  This is achieved by enabling employees to find information stored in multiple sources, such as on-premises repositories, in the cloud, and business applications – all via a single unified interface.  An AI-powered search platform potentially offers the intent-based search, which ensures the search results are the most relevant not only when it comes to the specific topic the user is researching, but also to the user’s intention behind the search.

Microsoft Search is an AI-powered intelligent search solution that’s been designed for the modern workplace. It searches and surfaces information residing both within the Office 365 ecosystem and outside it using external connectors. Microsoft Search also powers the upcoming Microsoft Knowledge platform, Project Cortex.

Microsoft Search provides a single, unified, and consistent search experience that anticipates your needs with answers and insights in the flow of your work.  Whether you’re looking to complete a task, pick up where you left off, or discover answers or insights, it’s just a click away, across all of your applications, desktops, and browsers.

Features like instant query predictions help you find content that is relevant at the point in time, such as documents you were recently working on, the people you are actively collaborating with, as well as recommended documents that your colleagues have recently mentioned you in. Keeping you up to date with what has been worked on since you last looked at it, all by just clicking in the search box.

Another feature, like task completion, helps you accomplish key tasks.  If you’re adding an image to a document or presentation for example, Microsoft Search will guide you through the most common associated tasks, such as cropping, rotating, shading, and more.

With Microsoft Search, you can discover your files, and recent and relevant conversations across Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and more, whether you’re working in SharePoint, OneDrive, Office, Windows, or Bing.

Moreover, Microsoft’s SharePoint Syntex automates the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content, extracting valuable information as metadata.

Metadata is critical to managing content, and seamless integration with Microsoft Search enables you to improve knowledge discovery and reuse, accelerate processes, and dynamically apply information protection and compliance policies.

Integrate legacy ECM platforms with your intelligent search platform

Metadata mapping and corporate taxonomy mapping are important for an intelligent search platform to convert content into knowledge. Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator gives your content the context you need with enrichment via classification, information architecture remapping, metadata and taxonomy.

Proventeq’s Content Integrator goes further still by enabling you to bring content stored in legacy ECM platforms into your intelligent search solution. Whether that’s Microsoft Search or another enterprise search and knowledge platform – thereby helping you deliver efficiencies faster.  Click here to learn more and book your free discovery workshop.

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