Digital Engineering Squad as a Service

Moving to a flexible approach for your digital engineering strategy has become a necessity. We provide flexible digital application development using cloud-native technologies with an agile, fully functioning, and a managed or self-managed team to deliver your key business objectives.

Managing the challenges of the business against bounded in-house resources.

Today's business has more demands than resources, how do you continue to meet transformative business demands? 
You can achieve more by streamlining your digital engineering design and development process by tapping into the additional resources, on-demand, with our Digital Engineering Squad as a Service.
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Extend your capabilities with our offering

Bring in additional skills and capacity to meet demand for your customers with our team of experts. Our solid background in Product Engineering has enabled us to build compelling digital first solutions for customers and Independent Software Vendors using a variety of software development tools across commonly used cloud platforms.

Key features of our Digital Engineering Squad as a Service

At your Service, on-demand

Rapidly bring in additional skills and capacity to meet demand, without having to recruit or train up new staff. Get the right people, for the right job, at the right time.

Structured costing without any nasty surprises

Bring cost certainty on board whilst benefiting from our flexible delivery models.

Faster Go To Market

It takes a long time before a new developer is fully integrated into your company. Access innovative market-leading skills and expertise with our squad who can lift the load during particularly busy Sprints.

Leverage new skills

Create a dev-centric workspace with a healthy competitive nature. When you bring in new skills you give your existing team an opportunity to try new things.

Enhance project delivery

High-performing teams drive operational excellence for your organization and success for your customers.

Access new technologies and acquire new ways of thinking

A diverse team provides a wealth of solutions to a set of challenges. Achieve stability in your delivery with years of market leadership and innovation that makes a real difference to your customers.

Some of the cloud platforms & tools
Mastered by digital engineers & developers

Introducing Proventeq's Digital Engineering Squad, at Your Service

Using a range of resourcing models, we provide flexible Digital Application Development using Cloud-native technologies with resources from the UK, India and nearshore capabilities.
Product Engineering Capabilities

Proventeq has a wealth of experience in application development. Allow us to help you build compelling digital-first solutions for Independent Software Vendors using a variety of software development tools across commonly used cloud platforms.

Application Managed Services

Take advantage of ongoing support and assistance needed to satisfy your organization's Digital Engineering needs. We offer the flexibility of scaling up and down, depending on your requirements.

Support that traverses time-zones

With customers in over 25 countries across the world, our developers are used to working with other teams in a low-friction and high-performance partnership. No matter where you are located, our support team makes the art of the possible, possible.

Validated by several technology vendors

Proventeq partners with the very best in the business. We are accredited by Microsoft, Liferay, AIIM, Gartner, Salesforce, and we have many peer partners we work with to provide some compelling and diverse solutions for customers across the globe.

Validated by the experts. Partnering with the best.
Proventeq is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work
Proventeq is a Salesforce Partner
Liferay Logo Partner
Proventeq partners with Hyland to seamlessly integrate content, data and processes – providing the right information to the right people, when and where they need it.

Digital Engineering with Generative AI - webinar

Transforming your monolithic Dot Net apps With Azure, Generative AI and Prompt Engineering.


Discover expert techniques, best practices, and step-by-step guidance to make the most out of your applications.

ransforming your monolithic Dot Net apps With Azure, generative AI and prompt engineering actionable insights webinar
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Watch the video

Accelerate your digital development lifecycle

Technical expertise from a Full Stack Team

We make use of Generative AI within our own product development and our customer Product Engineering Services to reduce the product development lifecycle and increase the go-to-market time. For production-ready code, we use generative AI with appropriate Prompt Engineering techniques to build 60-80%, and the remaining 20% of the code is fine-tuned by our technical experts to ensure that it is aligned with our enterprise architecture stands. 

Prompt Engineering Capabilities

Whether you're updating existing monolithic legacy applications (such as .NET or J2EE) to identify their components, dependencies, and potential areas for improvement, or you're unlocking the full potential of the cloud for your software solutions, we can help. 
Our team employs the tenets of prompt engineering to ensure the ethical, secure, and effective utilization of AI models within your application. 

Specialists in Legacy System Migration and Integration

Integrating new systems with legacy infrastructure can be a challenge for multiple reasons. You need the right team on board to assist. Applications will need to keep up with the latest technologies. We offer application modernization services to help your organization stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

One team. Endless possibilities.

On-demand, and at your service.

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