Nearly half (46%) of employees at private enterprises are saying they are likely to leave their employer in the next 12 months; a significant rise from 2021, when only 7% said they’d be likely to leave.

What are the catalysts of the great resignation?

  • A poor employee experience. Many workplaces fail to provide a truly memorable employee experience. A lack of culture, little or no community, and a lack of clarity from HR and senior management can pose an additional risk to the rising attrition rate. 

  • A lack of career development and advancement.   The EY Survey 2022* shows that almost 25% of employees that are considering changing jobs said that poor training and development is a contributor.

  • An enhanced flexibility in where you work. 19% of staff want further flexibility in where they work, and what they do. 

Employers should activate the workforce and use technology in ways that generate broad and valuable benefits for their organization and staff. Here are some of the recommendations for improving well-being and having more engaged employees. 

How you can make use of technology to generate valuable benefits for your employees 

  • Provide a seamless digital experience for employees across the workforce. Providing easier access to information is key to ensuring that the work is done effectively and that employees do not feel burdened or challenged with finding the information they need to fulfill their objectives. Technology like Generative AI can use natural processing language so that your staff can, in their own words, search for something, find it, and then use it. Between 60–75% of workers reported they feel more fulfilled with their job, and able to focus on more satisfying work when using Generative AI tools.**

  • Develop the training of your workforce to take on new roles and assignments with upskilling and reskilling. Generative AI can create customized training programs based on individual learning styles and needs, enhancing the effectiveness of employee development initiatives. With a clear strategy, employees can learn on the job, which aligns with their ongoing personal and professional development. 

  • Curate communities for employees to grow, regardless of geography. Employers need to pay extra attention to creating connections and community as workplaces become more virtual. Employee engagement platforms, (like Microsoft Viva), can be infused with a generative AI platform like Microsoft Copilot, to summarize key discussion points from your meetings. Not only will Copilot include who said what and where people are aligned, and where they disagree, the technology will suggest action items, all in real-time during a meeting.

How Generative AI can help you achieve your employee engagement objectives 

Generative AI can offer highly impactful use cases for enterprises across IT, HR, data management, marketing, and customer support departments, among several other workflows. That said, Generative AI should focus on giving your employees the best experience within the work environment, the purpose and foundation of implementing new technology should always be focused on creating human-machine synergy that drives innovation. 

Successful adoption of new technologies will need careful consideration by your business and leaders. By understanding the implications of Generative AI and adopting a proactive strategy, you can take advantage of this emerging technology to create a future-ready workplace where innovation, collaboration, and human-machine synergy are prevalent, and employees thrive. 

Reach out for a consultation with Proventeq's generative AI experts and discover how you can raise the bar for your employee's experiences.

*Source: EY Survey

**GitHub CoPilot

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