1. Superior and more user-friendly interfaces

User-friendly interfaces associated with out-of-the-box modern SharePoint are hugely superior to classic. With more attractive and intuitive digital workplaces and intranets, supporting better adoption.  It also means super-users and site owners can now manage their own sites with greater ease and confidence. Allowing digital workplaces to flourish and evolve.


2. Better news and publishing

Modern SharePoint provides much better support for news publishing, with attractive web parts, plus users can create and publish an item at both team and function levels – giving everyone the ability to publish.


3. More comprehensive mobile experience

Modern SharePoint has a far superior and more comprehensive mobile experience with all modern SharePoint site templates and web parts responsive by default. So you no longer have to rely on third-party or customized apps.


4 Integration with the rest of Microsoft 365

A huge advantage of modern SharePoint over classic is that it integrates far more easily and tightly with the rest of the Microsoft universe, including Teams. Allowing you to add elements more easily from across the Microsoft 365 suite such as Planner, Yammer, Calendar and Stream.


5. Sensitivity labelling

Sensitivity labelling ensures only people authorized to view or consume specific content do so and with modern SharePoint this has never been easier.  Files & Emails can be easily protected with content marking and auto-labelling for office files and emails. Groups & Site labelling also allows users to configure “Privacy & external user access” settings and “Device access & external sharing” settings.

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